Stickii Club Subscription Service [July 2017]

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I had been following Stickii Club on Instagram for some time. Stickii Club is a monthy sticker subscription service in which every month, depending on which pack you signed up for, you would receive a stack of stickers under a theme. There are three types of packs: cute, retro, and pop. I found their stickers interesting and was just waiting for a theme to come up that I would sign up for. Well, July’s theme for the retro pack was classic Japan and the preview was so cool I just had to check it out. It arrived early this month and it was so cool I just had to share it here on my blog 😀

As always, you can click on the images to enlarge and read what each item is:

And that’s the stickers included! For planner and sticker afictionados, this subscription service is awesome as the stickers included are pretty unique and gorgeous (not to mention set at an affordable price). I look forward to using these stickers on my planner and my Midori TN as well as signing up for themes that catch my interest from this service in the future 🙂

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