Travel: My Time in Denmark (Day 6)

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At long last I am making my travel posts! Oh yes, that’s right, for about the next two weeks I am going to be posting, day by day, photos from my trip back in April and May to Iceland and Denmark πŸ˜€

Alas, here we are on the day 6, my final day in Denmark and on my trip as a whole (the 7th day doesn’t really count as it was spent travelling back). I spent my last day in Denmark back in Copenhagen, taking it easy. I really wanted to go to the National Museum of Denmark so that was where I went that morning πŸ™‚

You can click on the images to enlarge and read the caption:

And that was my last day in Copenhagen, chilling out in a cemetery catching up on some writing lol. I travelled back to Canada the following day; spent the whole day travelling as I once again stopped over in Iceland before crossing the Iceland. The trip back was a bit more hectic than my travel to Europe as the international terminal in Keflavik International Airport was packed; clearly that terminal needs to be expanded on big time. It was also a bit hectic as I was still fighting my cold and not to mention playing Tetris with my carry-on and trying to fit all the books I bought during this trip, lmao xD But I managed to take a few photos:

And at this point I’m not going to go into details at how annoying it was when I arrived back at Pearson and the long lines that awaited me at customs *rolls eyes* But other than that and fighting my cold the ride back was not a problem, got all my stuff, and my ride back home from the airport all went without any problems.

So that was my holiday! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the photos as much as I had sharing them with you all πŸ™‚ Where to next (and when)? We shall see… πŸ˜‰

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    • Glad you enjoyed the photos Lorraine! It was a wonderful trip–and so glad to finally visit a country that’s long in the bucket list πŸ™‚ What places would you visit (barring time and $$$)?

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