Travel: My Time in Iceland (Day 1)

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At long last I am making my travel posts! Oh yes, that’s right, for about the next two weeks I am going to be posting, day by day, photos from my trip back in April and May to Iceland and Denmark 😀

This was a trip long in the making. I had been dreaming for years of taking this trip–so long that in fact, when a coworker asked me “Why Denmark?” I couldn’t really answer because I’ve been wanting to go for so long that I’ve forgotten why it was so high up my bucket list. I had been aiming for around April to go–even earlier, in fact, but plans kept changing and falling apart that in the end I booked for the end of April and into early May. I went solo, which apparently surprises people when they ask me who I went with; maybe because I look so young, maybe because I’m tiny (and possibly both, judging by a conversation I had with another coworker of mine when I got back). But it’s not the first time I’ve travelled solo, and suffice to say I had a good time with the change of pace.

Anyhow if you follow me on my main Instagram I did try to chronicle a bit of what I did each day from the time I left to the airport (a grey day) right up to my return (night time drama). Here I will elaborate a bit, and the following photos I took are a mix of photos taken on my camera as well as on my iPhone 🙂 Mind you, the photos that I post here are select, but I tried xD

So, my flight left at 9pm and I arrived in Reykjavik at 6:20am (pretty prompt, I should say). Yeah, sure, I had about 4 hours of sleep going for me but I made my way around Reykjavik anyway 🙂 Whilst the photos for from this day featured here are a bit on the low side, partly because I was still sleepy, I really enjoyed my day walking around Reykjavik because unlike other cities, it’s pretty relaxed. Yeah, sure, the low population compared to, say, my own city, does contribute, but I liked it, I didn’t feel rushed to see everything or do everything. Sure, the weather was a bit dismal overall during my time in Iceland but I knew I was in for a proper R&R vacation wandering around Reykjavik 🙂

You can click on the images to enlarge and read the caption:

And that was more or less my first day on vacation in a nutshell! I really took it easy, both with wandering around town and with the photos, but it was great, you can more or less hit all the major sites by foot in a day (if perhaps you were more energetic; I was being leisurely about it). Tomorrow: the first of a couple of day tours out of the city 😀

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