My Debut Poetry Collection, Available Now (-ish)!

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I feel like this post is a long time coming, lol. Anyway, I’ve been talking about it for months over at my Bookish and Not-So-Bookish posts that I’ve been working to self-publish some of my poetry. Well, it’s finally here.

Shall I Be a Poet Instead? is my debut poetry collection. I think I mentioned it here that I started writing poetry again last year, this time on a more regular basis, and this is the culmination of that. Back in January I started sorting through my poetry (actually sorting into two chapbooks; I meant to release the second one later this year but that got pushed back as I need to reshuffle/add/remove poems into the current line-up) and went through a few rounds of editing and moving around, trying to get a feel of the book. Not to mention endlessly reading up on copyright rules regarding font (ended up using a font that’s generally available on all word processors to avoid any kefuffle, as well as my own handwriting for the titles 😛 ) and other fine print.

By the time I left for my trip I had a good feeling about the line-up but didn’t get down to the nitty-gritty of the details to upload to Lulu until I got back. Then, as I mentioned in a post before, there was the details about getting an ISBN with the Canadian government before I finally uploaded my baby to Lulu for proofing. The proofing came back and I was pretty happy with it (a bit bigger than I had expected, dimensions-wise, but I can live with that, lol). Just the fact that it’s in my hands was quite something, really. Took me a bit more time between the time that I got the proof to posting about it because of some details about the approval; I’ve sent it to be included in the search over at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., but it won’t be showing up over there for up to 6-8 weeks (boo).

But! In the meantime you can purchase it directly from Shall I Be a Poet Instead? 🙂 My understanding is that it does ship worldwide but do let me know if it doesn’t. I admit, I’m not quite so organised just yet, I haven’t ordered a crate of copies myself to distribute or whatnot but I hope to do so shortly. But expect a little more activity on my end in the coming days and weeks as I get up to speed on that end and get the word out! I just wanted to share with you all in the meantime what I’ve been up to all this time :3

I’ll be posting more of my poetry over at my Instagram as well but there’s a bit of a preview of what’s inside 😉

And that’s my preview! 😛 I honestly can’t believe that I’m finally doing this, it’s exciting and kinda frightening as well but it’s also high time that I do share some of my work with everyone. I’m actually hard at work already on my next project, one that I’m especially excited to put together 😛 More hints to follow, haha. Anyway, I’m so happy to finally be sharing this and sharing this with you and I hope you’ll like what you read between the covers!

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16 Responses to “My Debut Poetry Collection, Available Now (-ish)!”

  1. Isi

    I’m so excited for you, Lianne!
    I’ll purchase it when I arrive home from work, I hope it arrives relatively soon. I’m looking forward to reading it under a tree in the park, as poetry should be read in summer 🙂
    I wish you all the best.

    PS: and I would like you to consider publishing it on Amazon, just because it’s more convenient for many people!

    • Thanks so much again for your kind words Isi, and your suggestion on distribution. Your shoutouts and support are much appreciated *hugs* 😀

  2. Hallo, Hallo Lianne!

    Ooh wicked sweet #BookBirthday to you!! 🙂 I’ve been eagerly awaiting more NEWS on the Poetry release front — if I hadn’t spied Isi’s s/o on Twitter a few seconds ago, I’d still be in the dark, I’m afraid! I wasn’t sure how long it would take to prep as I know what goes on behind-the-scenes of book publishing and of course, there is more work for Self-Published Indie Poetesses, too!

    Eek! I will keep this short and sweet: I am wicked happy to see this day arrive for you! Your poems are ‘out and about’ in the world! Wow. You must still be pinching yourself over seeing them ‘go off’ to find new hearts to inspire!?

    • Thanks for dropping by, Jorie, and again for the support and the shoutouts on Twitter! It’s all-so-much appreciated. Yeah, I’ve been talking to another friend and she was wondering why I’ve otherwise been radio-silent lately; when it’s not work, I’m tucked away either working on my poetry projects or playing with my shiny new fountain pens and stacks of hoarded notebooks, lol. But yes, it’s about high time that this project is sent out into the world, haha 🙂

      If I had planned the release a bit more carefully I certainly would’ve gone a bit more in-depth as to the process I went through to put this together–maybe in another post one of these days!

      In the meantime, yeah, it’s still pretty surreal that this book reached its final stages, that I’m sitting here promoting it online (omg a few hours ago I made my request to GoodReads about me being the author of this book and setting up my author page (!!!)). It’s a little nervous-making to think that these poems are reaching other people, who knows what the response would be, but at least it’s out there now? People can read it? Ahhh!

      lol, such times 😀

  3. Lianne! Finally!! I can’t wait to read it! Your previews of the poems are already so good. Congratulations on publishing your first poetry book and I hope there will be more to come!

    • Thanks so much Jenna! Still can’t believe I got something of mine out there now for other people to read, but at the same time I’m happy to have finally done it, lol 🙂

  4. Congratulations! It is a wonderful feeling to get a pile of books with your name on the cover, your cover design, your poems actually inside. I did self publishing through Amazon in 2015 and I know how it feels to wander blindly in this whole process. I had two very successful book launching parties ( I worked for decades in a hospital and everyone was curious to see what I had produced). However, sales after the first year have been totally flat. I was glad to have covered my expenses with the parties! Poetry is a hard sell but I’m still thrilled to,have the book out there. Working on number two. I just stumbles upon your blog and am interested in your pics…..The Massey Lectures! Keep at it and good luck.

    • Thanks so much Isobel, and thank you for sharing your experience about your own publications! I figured poetry is a hard sell as it’s not as big a readership compared to prose but like you said as well, it’s amazing to have your work out there anyhow. Best of luck working on your second book, and thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

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