Paper Panduh Subscription Box [May 2017]

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Another month, another box from Panduh Box! I decided to stick around for another box (before cancelling–it does rack up $$$-wise after a bit) as I heard it was a favourite theme from the past. And so it was revealed that the May 2017 box’s theme was “By the Sea” featuring Santorini-and-sea-inspired colour scheme and lots of mermaids, haha.

You can click on the images to enlarge and read what each item is:

And that’s it from May’s Paper Panduh Subscription box! Content-wise it does seem less compared to last month but considering the quality of the sticky note pads and the tote bag, it’s pretty nice. Alas that I cancelled my subscription because the theme for the June box was pretty cool (“She Creates”) but yeah, for a subscription box I think you most certainly get quite a bit for what you paid for and the presentation is absolutely beautiful. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a stationery-type subscription box 🙂 I’d be keen to re-subscribe again at some point in the future.

Edit: Since posting this entry, I caved in and re-signed up at least for the June box because the items that were included were just too pretty xD But after that, that’s it for now! >_<

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    • I think the re-subscribing was inevitable there 😛 But yeah, I wasn’t as “OMG!” about this box as the last one but it’s still pretty. Love the shades of blue used 🙂

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