May Updates

Posted 31 May, 2017 by Lianne in Website / 4 Comments

Goodness, where has the month gone? Has summer started in full swing on your end? It sort of has on my end, though there’s also been a lot of rain.


  1. So the month started off with me still off on holiday, the May half spent in Denmark. Posts about my trip should be up…soon? Not sure when yet.
  2. Books reviewed this month include: Rachel Joyce’s The Love Song of Queenie Hennessey (review), Simon van Booy’s Everything Beautiful Began After (review), and Giles Blunt’s Forty Words for Sorrow (review). You can check out all the books I’ve reviewed recently in the book review tag.
  3. No ARCs were reviewed this month! You can check out all of the ARCs I’ve read and reviewed to date in this tag.
  4. For this month’s So You Want to Read…, I focused once again focused on Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare’s contemporary and definitely a playright to check out once you’ve exhausted Shakespeare’s works (that’s what I did). You can check out that post over here. For all my previous recommendations under this feature, check out this tag.
  5. I also posted two unboxing posts earlier this month, one for Paper Panduh (which you can read over here) and one for WontonInAMillion’s anniversary celebration (which you can read over here). These posts won’t be a regular thing (I’m only planning on one more subscription box with Paper Panduh for now) but it’s a nice mix-up to share with you all in the meantime. You can read all of the previous boxes I’ve unboxed at this tag


And that’s about it from me and the blog for the month of May! Hope you’re all having a wonderful week, wish you all a great June 😀


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    • lmao, that sounds about right (for me at least; I hate it once the temperature hits a certain degrees celcius and it gets too muggy outside. Other people love it though!)

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