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Tooth and Nail (John Rebus #3)
By: Ian Rankin
Format/Source: eBook; my purchase

Sent to London to help catch a vicious serial killer, Inspector John Rebus teams up with a beautiful psychologist to piece together a portrait of a depraved psychopath bent on painting the town red—with blood…

Just my luck, apparently the third John Rebus novel was also on sale for eReaders a while ago. So naturally I picked it up 🙂

Well, I thought this installation was more interesting than the last one, Hide and Seek (review), not only because of the eerie nature of the case itself but because John Rebus finds himself smack-dab in the middle of London, far away from his beloved Edinburgh and everything he knows there 😛 And the differences couldn’t be more apparent, from the police not understanding his accent to calling him a “jock” behind his back and not taking him seriously. Talk about being a fish out of the water and trying to solve a mystery that London needed to call help on.

The case itself was pretty creepy. For a while it felt like a hell of a longshot as to how they were going to apprehend the killer as the victims seemed pretty random and the little snippets from the culprit’s perspective was not only very creepy but also didn’t give much as to why they were acting the way they did and what motivated them. On the character side though it was great to follow John again, get a deeper sense of the character (along with his own mistakes), the people in his life, his regrets and his determination. The London cast of characters were interesting, I thought his peculiar friendship with George Flight was cool, I enjoyed all of their scenes together.

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Nonetheless I liked Tooth and Nail, namely seeing John Rebus survive London whilst solving this peculiar and disturbing case. The first book is still my favourite but it was great to learn more about John Rebus and meet all of these other characters. I don’t know when I’ll be reading another John Rebus novel but it’s been a pretty solid outing thus far. I recommend this series if you’re a reader of British crime fiction.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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