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Posted 17 May, 2016 by Lianne in Meme / 14 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. This meme was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We’d love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

This week’s topic: 10 Books I Picked Up on a Whim

I’ve been trying so hard not to do this often, but there are times when one can’t help it 😛 In no particular order:

  1. In Bitter Chill by Sarah Ward — I first heard about this novel from Elena @ Books and Review and had been meaning to check it out. I’m in a bit of a mood for mysteries lately so I ended up picking this book up. Looking forward to reading it soon enough!
  2. The Perfume Garden by Kate Lord Brown — Partly set in Spain + premise sounds like a book by Kate Morton = yes, I’m picking this book up even though it’s not on my “I need this in bookshelf ASAP” list 😛
  3. The Storms of War by Kate Williams — I was curious about this book in passing but again wasn’t intending on picking it up any time soon. I saw it again when I was browsing a website and for the deal it was up for, I couldn’t resist, I snatched it up (how pretty is that book cover, btw?)
  4. Scandal on the Stage by Eva Leigh — It was on sale on Kobo, never heard of the author or the book but after reading the premise I decided to pick it up (heroine was a playwright, that was probably the biggest pull).
  5. Time and Again by Jack Finney — I can’t remember if I picked this book up on sale because it wasn’t like I was in any particular rush to pick up and read this book, but there you have it. It’s quite the classic nonetheless, I hope to get around to it…eventually 😛
  6. The Love of a Good Woman by Alice Munro (review) — Moving along from my TBR list to books I already read, I wasn’t planning on picking this book up but I could never really say no to Alice Munro 😛
  7. The Devilish Mr. Danvers by Vivienne Lorret (review) — I tend to pick up a lot of historical romances on a whim these days, but picking up Vivenne Lorret’s The Rakes of Fallow Hall series was definitely a whim buy that was worth it; by the last novel I grew to love all of the characters and now have the author on my to-watch-out-for-new-releases list 😉
  8. Hollow Heart by Viola di Grado (review) — Sort of a whim buy? I had read about it in passing, heard good things about it. Normally I sort of wait before picking up a book I’m keen on just to think it further but in this case I snatched it up pretty quickly 😉
  9. Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk (review) — I kept seeing this book around last year that I decided to pick it up. Definitely worth it: I had a lot of fun reading it with the references and the friendships (the texting between the friends definitely reminded me of my best friend and I).
  10. The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky (review) — This book was definitely in my radar but nowhere up my list of books to pick-up ASAP. I was in the mood for something quirky last year so I picked it up. It’s definitely a strange mish-mash of science fiction and a noir mystery; at the centre of it all is Inspector Peter Glebsky who just wanted to take a little holiday…

And that’s my list of books for this week! What books did you buy on a whim?


14 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays”

  1. For some reason I toooootally adore the cover of In Bitter Chill! AHHHH. Ahem. Anyway, I haven’t heard of these ones but YAY for spontaneous reads, right?! I’m usually one who researches a LOT before purchasing/borrowing anything, but sometimes I like picking up a book without knowing anything about it and hoping it’s awesome. ;D

  2. Megan @ love literature art and reason

    These look pretty intriguing. In Bitter Chill kind of stands out. I’ll need to check it out soon.

    Great list!

  3. My happy-reader-fangirl-self is loving the look of ‘Always a Bridesmaid.’ I’ll most definitely have to go look that one up. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Kate’s book cover is gorgeous! Thanks for the fun list, Lianne.

  4. I picked up Always a Bridesmaid on a whim too! It was the cover on the bookshelf at the local that made me pick it up – I read the first line and BOUGHT! I loved it. Her other books are just as hilarious too!

    • Glad to hear her other books are just as great! I think I quickly browsed through the titles shortly after reading Always a Bridesmaid but I’d be keen to pick up another one of her books at some point 🙂

  5. I love the look of Always a Bridesmaid, it kind of reminds me of that film, 27 Dresses! I haven’t read any of the books on your list this week but will definitely be checking a few of them out, including The Storms Of War, which I agree with you has a gorgeous cover!

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