The Shakespeare Awards!

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In honour of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the Orang-utan Librarian is hosting the Shakespeare Awards! The closing date to participate and vote is 10 May 2016 (see the original post for more details).

I found out about these awards from Pages Unbound. It looked like a lot of fun and since I love Shakespeare so much (see tag), I decided to participate 😀

Most Tragic

Oooh, tough one…I’d say Hamlet (review) because he was quite a promising young man (bookish, clever, a bit cheeky) only to be swept up by family tragedy and machinations, as well as his own existential crossroads and eventual path for revenge.

Best Comedy

As You Like It (review). Touchstone alone gets my vote for anything comedic. And Orlando and Rosalind are so sweet together. Plus, it was hilarious how everyone ended up in the Forest of Arden at the end 😛 All in all, a pretty feel-good play 😀

Most Romantic

I’d have to go with Romeo and Juliet (review). Argue what you may about the way it turned out and the rashness/speed in which developments too a turn but it endures for a reason. Re-reading it last year I was startled at how beautiful, romantic, and poetic the dialogue between Romeo and Juliet was.

Most Entertaining

Twelfth Night (review). What’s there not to be entertained about? (see 2012 stage production)

Best History play

Omg so tough! I have 3 favourites…mmm, I’d have to go with Julius Caesar (review; second review to be posted later this year): the drama! the speeches! the blood! Mark Antony!

Best Sonnet

I will have to say Sonnet XVII (review) as it speaks of the power of the word and its endurance through time.

Best Film Adaptation

Drats, all my favourite adaptations are stage performances! But I’ll have to go with the 1968 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet (review) as it was the first adaptation I’ve ever watched and I still love the earnestness of the leads’ performances.

Most Beautiful Language

This took a bit of thinking but Richard II (review) gets my vote for this category. There’s some beautiful passages about kingship and about England here. In addition the play is structurally impressive; the themes, the contrasts, the way the characters are portrayed…I can go on and on about this play (which I will in a few months for the Shakespeare issue of Femnista 😛 )


Measure for Measure (review). I’ve read it twice now (second review to be posted in…July (long story)) and I’m still trying to make sense of some of those storylines.

Most Unpopular

Henry VIII (review). Dull and clearly reads like a propaganda piece for the new monarch. And did I mention forgettable? When I was counting down the remaining Shakespeare plays left to read last year, I totally forgot about this one :3

If this wasn’t being tallied for awards, I would go on and on with my second and third votes for each category easily 😛 Anyway, what do you think of the plays I mentioned? If you voted, who did you vote for? Let me know, I’d love to chat! 😀

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6 Responses to “The Shakespeare Awards!”

  1. I always forget about Henry VIII, too! I haven’t read it yet, but I’m in no rush as I have yet to see a glowing review.

    Measure for Measure is a weird play, too. In fact, the more you think about them, the more it seems like most of Shakespeare’s plays are a little weird. Especially the endings. Like…sure! Let’s marry off characters who are incompatible/haven’t seen each other in 16 years/whatever. It’s fine. Audiences love marriages. The more the merrier.

    • Now I’m wondering too if I’ve ever seen a positive review of Henry VIII…

      Haha, that’s true (to the point that even the Duke offers Isabella marriage even though she’s a nun); some of the couples seem incompatible or they haven’t known each other long enough to warrant being together for the rest of their lives. But hey, they’re fun! lol 😀

  2. Hamlet is such a good choice! And I love As you like it!! Twelth Night is super entertaining and I agree with you about Romeo and Juliet, Richard II, and Measure for Measure. Gosh I love that adaptation of Romeo and Juliet too! Excellent choices and I’m literally so excited that you did this!!! I’m looking forward to checking out some of your reviews too 🙂

    • Looking forward to reading the results tomorrow! 😀

      I could watch the 2012 Globe production of Twelfth Night over and over again; I re-read it for the first time since high school just last year and was pleasantly surprised to realise just how entertaining it was xD

  3. What fun, and good choices all around! I agree that Hamlet may be the most tragic, though I’ve always liked Macbeth. My favorite comedy would probably be a tie between A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Twelfth Night, though I’m also quite fond of As You Like it. For best film adaptation, I’d also like to throw in the Kenneth Brannagh version of Henry V, which is magnificent. Henry V also gets my vote for best history play. Most beautiful language? You’re right about some of the Richard II speeches, but I also adore the poetry and imagery in Romeo and Juliet, so it would have to get my vote here as well.

    Love this post!

  4. It was so hard to narrow down my choices: I could’ve easily thrown in Othello in the mix for most tragic as well. I also wanted to throw in Titus Andronicus somewhere in my answers, but I wasn’t sure where xD

    Agreed re: the poetry and imagery in R&J, if I didn’t choose Richard II I would’ve definitely said R&J 🙂

    I really need to get around to Kenneth Brannagh’s other Shakespearean movies (I’ve only seen Much Ado About Nothing to date :3)

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