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A Happy New Year to everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful celebration 🙂 So like last year, I decided to put together a bit of a generalised list of some of my favourite things from 2015 🙂 The only thing of course not included in this list are books; for my books recap for 2015, check out my 2015 list for the End of the Year Book Survey.


A couple of awesome albums were released this year, both from artists that are new to me and some favourites 🙂 But I’m also including two features from albums not released this year but I was super late getting around to…

Dear Rouge

Probably my favourite new discovery this year. They’re from Canada (yeah!) and their entire album, “Black to Gold”, is fantastic with the retro alternative sound. Hands down my favourite song off the album is “Kids Wanna Know” (click here if the embedding below doesn’t work; I can’t recommend it enough) but I have so many favourites, I can just listen to the whole album on loop all day 😀

Of Monsters and Men

I did listen to one of their earlier songs, “Dirty Paws”, as it was featured in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (review) soundtrack. I ended up checking out their second album, “Beneath the Skin”, after one of their songs, “Thousand Eyes” (listen), was used for the first full-length trailer of Jessica Jones (excellent choice, great song). The entire album is a fantastic listen, not as menacing as “Thousand Eyes” but again I can listen to it on loop for the whole day. But hands down my favourite song off that album is “Black Water”:


So the big news late last year was Adele dropping her third album, “25”. It’s a lovely album, I think it shows her branching out a bit from her usual genres. “Water Under the River” is one of my favourite tracks off the album with its retro feel, but “Million Years Ago” really hits the feels:

Florence + the Machine

I think this album, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”, came out last year, I can’t remember (Edit: it came out in 2015). But I didn’t really think much of it at the time, was still clutching to “Lungs” and “Ceremonials” and the reviews and reactions to her latest album was rather meh. But I listened to it again late last year and yeah, there’s actually a few fantastic tracks out of it. Some of my favourites include “Hiding”, “Which Witch (demo)” and “Queen of Peace”:


Foals is one of my favourite bands around and I was pretty excited when they released their latest album. It’s a little more hardcore alternatively compared to their previous album but it’s fantastic from start to finish, I had it on loop during the late summer/early autumn. One of my favourite tracks off it was “Lonely Hunter”:

Tegan & Sara

Now this album, “Heartbreak”, was released a few years ago. I’m a long-time listener of their music and enjoyed the first single, “Closer”, but for whatever reason never got around to the rest of the album. Well, I finally did in the early autumn and it was on loop, haha (now I will forever associate it to when I was watching the Rugby World Cup 😛 ). Anyway, one of my favourite songs off the album is “I’m Not Your Hero” but I also loved the tracks “Goodbye, Goodbye” and “Love They Say”:


Offline/off-music antics and drama aside, her music’s pretty catchy and I was curious about her after hearing so much about her in the days leading up to the release of her first album. I haven’t quite listened to it as much lately but “Colours” is definitely one track I turn back to time and again:


Last-minute addition to this line-up but I first heard this song at the end of episode 10 of Blindspot and decided to check out the whole song. Yeah, it’s been on repeat for most of the month:


In no particular order, a few movies I enjoyed watching last year (but not necessarily released in 2015; also, I think I watched My Neighbours the Yamadas this year but my review was only posted in 2015):

  • This Is Where I Leave You (review)
  • My Neighbours the Yamadas (review)
  • The Tale of Princess Kaguya (review) — I am still raging that it did not win an Oscar for Best Animation. ALL THE FEELS, dudes, all the feels ;_;
  • Song of the Sea (review)
  • In the Loop (review)

Honourable mentions: Pom Poko (review), Begin Again (review), The Man from U.N.C.L.E (review to be posted at the end of the month)


Believe it or not, I actually didn’t post a lot of television show-related entries this year! *blushes*

I also enjoyed watching Jessica Jones and Blindspot but I won’t have posts about them until next year (provided I get around to writing them :3). Maybe next year will be a better year in watching tv shows? But binge-watching is my methodology these days, haha…


And that’s it for this list! Did any of the following piqued your interest? Have any on queue? Watched/listened and enjoyed it? What were some of your favourites in 2015? Let me know!

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10 Responses to “List: Some Favourites from 2015”

  1. I don’t watch a lot of TV/movies, but I’m always adding Japanese films to my list after reading your blog…now that I’m not living in Japan, maybe this year I’ll finally get around to watching some to get my fill of ‘Japanese’!

  2. Happy New Year!

    Ah The Man From UNCLE movie is totally my favourite of 2015, I saw it at the cinema on release day and went to go back a week later and it was gone (rude!) so had to wait for iTunes/blu ray and have watched it far too many times since haha

    Daredevil was so good *sigh* Jessica Jones disappointed me though, I was so bored for all of it (the episodes dragged, and made me dread the Luke Cage series 🙁 Iron Fist is the one I’m looking forward to now…aside from DD s2!) Galavant was probably my favourite show of 2015, so random, so amusing, so musical (so much Timothy Omundson <3 ). Also Agent Carter was pretty fab too!

    • Ouch, rude that they removed The Man from UNCLE a week after at your cinema! But yeah, definitely worth having on blu-ray <3 And the soundtrack is awesome 😀

      Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy JJ, it really is very different from DD. I wonder whether Luke Cages' series will be closer to DD in format/tone...I don't know anything about Iron Fist but I am greatly looking forward to it for some reason, haha 🙂

      I, erm, still haven't watched Agent Carter *blushes*

  3. A little belated, but still: Happy New Year to you! I read you’re going to be very busy in real life these months, good luck with the exams and everything!

    • Happy New Year to you too! Thanks so much for the luck and everything 🙂

      (Btw omg I’m so so so sorry, I realised a while ago that I never got back to your email! Will do so soon-ish! :3)

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