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The Guilty Plea (Detective Greene #2)
By: Robert Rotenberg
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On the morning that his headline-grabbing divorce trial is set to begin, Terrance Wyler, youngest son of the Wyler Food dynasty, is found stabbed to death in the kitchen of his million-dollar home. Detective Ari Greene arrives minutes before the press and finds Wyler’s four-year-old son asleep upstairs. When Wyler’s ex-wife, a strange beauty named Samantha, shows up at her lawyer’s office with a bloody knife, it looks as if the case is over.

But Greene soon discovers the Wyler family has secrets they’d like to keep hidden, and they’re not the only ones. If there’s one thing Greene knows, it’s that the truth is never simple.

I read the first book to this series last year, Old City Hall (review), which was really cool and refreshing because it was a mystery thriller series set in Toronto. I had been meaning to read the other books in the series since and finally picked up this book earlier this year.

Robert Rotenberg once again has written a fast-paced and fascinating mystery. Many characters from the first book are back, though I admit I wish I had re-read the first book before picking up this book just to jog my memory a wee bit on certain characters but that’s just a personal feeling; the author did a wonderful job in bringing readers back into Detective Ari Greene’s world and Toronto police and the Canadian justice system. First time readers will have no problem diving into this book and just following Greene and his colleagues as well as all of the characters involved–suspects, victim’s family members, defence lawyers, Crown attorneys, journalists–as they seek to find out who killed Terrance Wyler and bring them to justice. Rotenberg does such a wonderful job in fleshing out these characters and portraying their motivations and personal lives amidst the pressing issues of the case and the peeling back revelations that come along the way. You just want to root for all of the characters and get to the bottom of the matter.

This book also reinforced what I love so far about the series: Toronto. Robert Rotenberg lives and works in the city and he really portrays it in this book, not only by name-dropping streets and communities but also from its multiculturalism, its population make-up, the events that are happening all throughout, whether it be the yearly bemoaning of the Maples Leafs losing streak or the weird weather that’s cast over these days. Despite of its ups and downs, it’s nice to see the city featured in a book series.

I don’t know what else to say too much about this book without giving away some major plot points, but suffice to say The Guilty Plea was a great read. The twists and turns and gradual unveiling of all of the layers involved in the case was riveting to read, I could not put the book down once I started reading it. It was also nice to revisit these characters and see what they were up to, how their lives have been going since the previous novel. Reading this book has definitely bumped Robert Rotenberg’s other books on my wishlist–can’t wait to read the next installment! I highly recommend this book and the previous book for readers who enjoy mysteries and thriller novels.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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