Review: Always the Bridesmaid

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Always the Bridesmaid
By: Lindsey Kelk
Format/Source: eBook; my purchase

Everyone loves a bridesmaid.
Except Maddie, who’s perpetually asked to be one.
Everyone loves a wedding.
Except Maddie’s best friend, who’s getting divorced.
And everyone loves the way Maddie’s so happy backstage.
Except Maddie herself.
One best friend is in wedding countdown while the other heads for marriage meltdown. And as Maddie juggles her best chance at promotion in years with bridezilla texts and late-night counselling sessions, she starts to wonder – is it time to stop being the bridesmaid?

I started seeing this book around GoodReads and other bookish websites earlier this year. The premise of the novel sounded really interesting–and complicated–not to mention it sounded like the perfect summer read.

Firstly, may I say that if one of my friends ever gives me a bridesmaid journal, I will torch it; the story plays out as Maddie writes in the journal and in the little inserts about bridesmaids and planning a wedding and the whole grossly gung-ho attitude about it was so eye-rolling/cringeworthy. Hilarious, especially in contrast with the story, but still, no -_-;

Having said this, I absolutely loved the book from the first chapter. Bridget Jones’ Diary was the first thing that popped into my head as I was reading this; the main character, Maddie, is a single 31-year-old who finds herself juggling between her friends (one is going through a divorce, the other is getting ready to get married–and quite quickly, in fact), her family (odd/dysfunctional and perhaps a little unsupportive of where Maddie is at (I was so mad during the family dinner scene, which is a sign of how quickly I’d become attached to Maddie and how much I understand what she’s going through)), her job (she’s sort of stuck in her job and her boss is the boss from hell; she is crazy O_O), and her increasingly complicated love life that reminded me of Pride and Prejudice. Some parts of how the story played out was a bit predictable, and some of the stuff that happens along the way were a bit cringeworthy (found myself getting a bit of second-hand embarressment there!), but I loved Maddie’s reactions and observations to stuff (and the swearing, haha). But yeah, I really cared for Maddie and was rooting for her to pull through and for everything to work out; there were some parts were I got really 🙁 as she was sad too. Sometimes I wonder why she’s friends with Lauren and Sarah, but friends have their ups and downs and I loved their conversations, serious and hilarious.


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I loved the pop culture references, I think the only thing that I wished they did with the formatting was that they showed the SMS like actual screencaps of their conversations (which they did at the end). The text conversations were great, reminded me of whenever I text my best friend, hehe 😀

I really enjoyed Always the Bridesmaid, it was light and fun enough a summer read, but I really cared for Maddie and what she was going through. The “epilogue”, which isn’t actually an epilogue but a series of texts, letters, emails, etc. showing readers what happened to various characters at the end of the novel was perfect *happy sigh* If you love Pride and Prejudice, Bridget Jones’ Diary and the British sitcom Miranda, definitely check out this book 😀

Rating: ★★★★☆

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