Television: Orphan Black (Series 3, Episodes 7 – 10)

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A streetwise hustler witnesses the suicide of a girl who looks just like her and falls headlong into a deadly mystery.

Alrighty, this post will be covering episodes 7 – 10 of Series 3. I do apologise that the following post is a bit on the scant side compared to previous posts/series but June has been a rather busy month and so I haven’t had the chance to properly sit down and watch this series of Orphan Black properly from start to finish (a marathon later on might have to be done). But here we are, omg, the end of series 3! Contains major spoilers, of course šŸ˜‰

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Episode 3.07

Whenever Alison’s story becomes the main storyline for the episode, you know things are bound to get crazy šŸ˜› This year’s story was no different, except I’m really happy that the sister that ends up playing her for a little while was Cosima and not Sarah. I think I mentioned it before that Cosima was the only one that hasn’t impersonated one of her sisters or ended up fully entangled in one of her sisters’ storylines and problems, so it was interesting to see her do so in this episode, especially entering “Alison’s world.” It was also nice to see Cosima interacting with Alison directly on-screen; their direct interaction has been spread out far in between since the beginning, so I welcomed the segway, even though it did take Cosima away from the science again šŸ˜‰

Speaking of which, I’m continually impressed by Scott’s role this series. He sort of fills in for Cosima a bit as her story delves more into her personal life, and he keeps going with the book and Rachel. He’s showing a bit more confidence, planning ways to see Rachel alone to talk about the book; I’m totally rooting for him (omg, please don’t kill him off the show!).

While short, the bit with Helena and Mrs. S. was great and it’s nice to see Sarah take a breather, albeit her weariness showing.

Oh, and Delphine showing up at Shay’s apartment? Not cool O_o

Episode 3.08

Okay, I was hoping that Helena would crash at Mrs. S but her at Alison’s house is just as great! I love how Donnie is absolutely opposed to the idea and Felix and Alison are trying to convince him otherwise. It also draws Alison and Donnie more in line with the larger storylines of the series. With Sarah, Felix and Mrs. S handling the book/Castor clones/Dyad, it made sense to have Helena away from it, especially given everything she’s been through recently. Anyway, Helena interacting with the Hendrixes was fun, though judging by the trailer to the next episode her interaction with Alison may take a turn for the =S

These last few episodes have been really good in propelling the story forward. It seems a little meta that Sarah is commenting on how stuck they’ve been regarding everything so it’s interesting to see some segway made regarding the Castor clones and dealing with book that Duncan left behind. And Rachel’s escape…Wow, yeah, bloody Rachel šŸ˜› (as everyone kept referring to her this episode)

I can’t remember what else I wanted to mention except poor Scott’s cat! (“It’s okay, he had your cat”, “What kind of monster would threaten a cat?” were probably my favourite lines in this episode)

Episode 3.09

I honestly need to rewatch this episode because I only saw snippets of this episode but suffice to say:

  • My favourite scenes were with Helena. Her showing up at Donnie’s meet and the comment about her having a cold that messed with her syntax: one of my favourite lines this series. And her taking care of that gang: wow, lethal Helena is back! The blood all over her and in a white jacket totally reminded me of her in series 2 when she showed up at Rachel’s apartment. Very creepy but wow, talk about Helena getting things done for Donnie and Alison
  • Again, Delphine was especially creepy in this episode with her confronting Shay like that =S
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy singing!
  • Mrs. S’s mum being the original = mind blown

Episode 3.10

Oh man, this finale! Talk about a lot happening–like every OB finale–but I love how unlike previous finales, this one’s a lot quieter. I mean, yes, there was what happened to Delphine and Rachel finding out that her mum is alive and on the neolusionist camp, but the sisters end on a victorious note of sorts: no one got kidnapped, everyone is happy for different reasons, then there’s the final scene of Sarah reuniting with Kira in Iceland, which is all sorts of <333 So yeah, it was a good finale. But breaking it down a bit:

  • Omg talk about them keeping a secret about Jesse coming back! His scene with Helena gave me so much life <333 He better come back next series :P
  • Ferdinand, whoa. At first you were all creepy and sinister, and then it turns out he’s sort of on their own side? Was not expecting the way he handled his companion like that. James Frain, you brilliant actor, you; loved his delivery about them leaving as what he’s about to do wasn’t going to be pretty šŸ˜›
  • Helena’s opening move against Rudy šŸ˜€
  • Krystal waking up and her reactions afterwards! I really hope we get to see more of her next series and that she joins Clone Club. Girl is on to something…
  • Badass Fee <3
  • Art needs to be in more episodes/scenes next series. I love it whenever he’s working with Sarah and Felix šŸ™‚ I’d love to see him interact with the other clones too šŸ˜€
  • I felt bad for Rudy at the end despite being irritated with him throughout the series. And Mark and Gracie…What Gracie did was not cool, but I still heart the two of them and guh, I really hope Mark doesn’t succumb to his disease because he really is a good one of the batch…
  • Omg I thought Sarah and Mrs. S had problems but Mrs. S and her mum really takes the fraught mother-daughter relationship to a whole new level. Intense stuff to watch!

I’m probably missing a bunch of great little moments in between. I’ll likely rewatch it with my family tomorrow but otherwise yeah, wow!, great finale. I’m honestly glad the neolutionists are back in the fold because I was wondering quite a bit about them while reminiscing about series 1 some time ago. Curious to see where the story goes next series! What did you think of the last few episodes of season 3? Favourite moments? What are you looking forward to next season?

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