So You Want to Read… (Brandon Sanderson)

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So You Want to Read… is a new monthly feature here on in which I recommend books by particular authors to readers who have never read a book from certain authors and would like to start. I’m always happy to recommend books and certain authors to my fellow readers and bloggers! πŸ™‚

For this month, I will be featuring Brandon Sanderson. He’s pretty well-known in the fantasy genre, both in adult fantasy and YA fantasy. I first encountered his novels sometime in the mid-2000s but I didn’t really get around to his books until a few years after that. He’s written a ton of novels, both full-length and shorter novellas, not to mention he finished Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series. The scope of his novels are astounding, imaginative, and the stories are just entertaining with great characters and dialogue. And I wish I wrote as fast as him πŸ˜›

So without further ado, here’s 5 titles I’d recommend by Brandon Sanderson if you haven’t read of his stories yet (which you should πŸ˜› ):

  • Mistborn (review) — Naturalmente πŸ˜› Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn books (especially the first trilogy) is absolutely amazing and engrossing: it’s funny, it’s epic, it’s fascinating, just all the feels. I cannot recommend this book enough, go read it now!
  • Elantris — This was Brandon Sanderson’s first novel (incidentally also the first novel by him that I read). People say it’s his weakest novel of his bibliography, but I find it just as fantastic as his other novels. That he was able to tell such a tale in one novel was very impressive (normally you’d see such stories stretched into a trilogy or more) and the worldbuilding was absolutely vivid. This book still holds a special place for me, I recommend it πŸ™‚
  • Warbreaker (review) — Another standalone (for now, at least) that tells quite a story on an epic scale. Brandon Sanderson’s pretty good at writing antiheroes and this book epitomises this quite nicely. The main character is so totally not meant to carry out anything resembling “the right thing” or “for the good of everyone” and just wants to be left alone but gets sucked into events. Oh, and like every other Brandon Sanderson book, the magic system here is pretty awesome.
  • Legion — For a change of pace, Legion is a start of a sci-fi series of novellas about a guy who has the ability to converse with other avatars within one person and whom you can gather skills and information from (like Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse). I haven’t read the second novella yet but I really enjoyed the first one. And it’s shorter than the other books listed if you’re looking for something a little on the short side to start with.
  • The Rithmatist (review) — I’ve only recently gotten around to checking out some of Brandon Sanderson’s YA titles, starting with this book. Again, the magic system is intriguing, along with a rather interesting alternative history look for the setting. The tone’s different from his other books but younger readers and YA readers will have a lot of fun with this book.

And that’s about it! I hope this list of books helps if you’re interested in reading any of Brandon Sanderson’s books πŸ™‚ Which books of Brandon Sanderson have you read? Which were your favourites? Which would you recommend for first-time readers?

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8 Responses to “So You Want to Read… (Brandon Sanderson)”

  1. Ah! One of my all-time favorite authors^^ I love that you listed quite a few books by him that I actually haven’t gotten around to yet. Motivation to check them off my list πŸ™‚ I have yet to read Elantris, Warbreaker and The Rithmatist, though I own them of course. The way you described them definitely made me wonder why I haven’t cracked them open yet. It might be partly due to the fact that when I do read Sanderson, I tend to get author-hangovers after the fact – none of the other books that follow it ever measure up LOL! Personally, I started with Mistborn, though I’ve only read the first three so far, then I read Steelheart (which I LOVED) and it’s novella Mitosis, and then The Stormlight Archive, which are my ABSOLUTE favorites of his β™₯ and then finally, I read Legion. Basically I recommend his works to EVERYONE who likes fantasy but I usually recommend that they start with Mistborn, probably since I did too πŸ™‚ Awesome post^^ x

    • Oh gosh, yes, I totally hear you about the author-hangover when it comes to his books (not to mention the feels we were talking about after the end of The Hero of Ages ;_;). But same here, when it comes to fantasy he is definitely one of the first authors I recommend without hesitation; definitely one of the best writing in the genre right now πŸ™‚

      Steelheart I think if the only one left of all his books that I have yet to read xD

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on his books here! πŸ™‚ Happy reading with his other books left on your TBR queue πŸ™‚

  2. Great post! I actually read STEELHEART first. I hadn’t even really heard of Brandon Sanderson, but STEELHEART was so well-written and so well-structured that I immediately checked out his other books!

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