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A streetwise hustler witnesses the suicide of a girl who looks just like her and falls headlong into a deadly mystery.

Back down the rabbit hole we go! Guh, I can’t believe Orphan Black is back on our screens again; the wait was a bit excruciating at times, but I seemed to have managed to get through it without pulling my hair out…probably because other television shows have been distracting me since, lol. Anyway, a bit of house-keeping about these posts: I’m going to be posting my reviews every three episodes or so (kind of like what I did with Doctor Who (see tag); with my offline schedule and current blog schedule, it just works out this way πŸ˜›

So here we go, this post will be covering episodes 1 – 3 of Series 3. Contains major spoilers, of course! πŸ˜‰

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Episode 3.01

The season premiere sort of picks up shortly from the finale, addressing both the aftermath of last series (the others finally learn that Helena was taken, Sarah learns about Mrs. S’s deal with Paul, etc.) and the new problems they face (the Castor project, Topside coming in to Dyad, etc.). In some cases it doesn’t feel as quick-paced as the second season opener, probably because it needed to set up a lot of elements, but damn did this hour go by quickly anyhow! Helena, the Rachel business (yikes, she’s still alive I’m curious to see how Sarah and co. act moving forward should she re-enter the story fully), Topside becoming more of a problem than Dyad ever was, etc. I’m curious exactly how much time had passed by as Delphine, looking great in her outfits and her straight hair, is not interim head of Dyad and appears to have gone to the dark side (the scene with Rachel was pretty dark!).

Just going to randomly list out my favourite parts of this episode:

  • Clones playing clones! Always good fun; sucked though how Alison-as-Sarah had to deal with creepy Fernando’s “examination” =S (Dammit James Frain, why you always play the creepy dudes? His character was soooo creepy–and I don’t think this is the last time we’ll see him
  • The opening sequence with Helena’s dream of her baby shower was hilarious and cute but OMG her being in the crate O_O
  • Cosima and Scott are adorable (Scott’s adorable), I’m looking forward to them working together on cracking Duncan’s code this season
  • I’m surprised that Mrs. S’s decision was laid out in the premiere–I thought they’d drag it out to the second episode before Sarah found out what happened–but oh man did I have to refresh myself exactly what happened that led to her trading Helena
  • Felix has the best lines, as always πŸ˜›
  • Donnie, lmao, that’s all the money he got from being a monitor? Intriguing storyline they’re setting up for Alison and Donnie this series
  • Yikes, that Cosima and Delphine break-up scene was rough
  • I find it interesting and sweet how Sarah’s really trying to get Helena back now, it’s quite a stark contrast to first and second series. It’s also hilarious how she’s embroiled in so many different situations right now.

Overall, yay, Orphan Black‘s back! It feels more like a thorough wrap-up of last season and some of the immediate fall-out of last season’s events.

Episode 3.02

I admit, I think I like this episode more than the first one, perhaps because the Castor clones make an appearance and things are moving forward. Firstly, wow, Castor clones are pretty nuts, but at the same time wow, the brotherly bonds there (that sequence in the hotel room before Paul showed up was pretty funny, I admit, with Rudy waking up Seth the way he did. And then of course there was that ending, from shooting him to giving a heartfelt goodbye). Speaking of which, Paul’s back! And he’s all dark and sketchy now too. Good times. Things are still running in separate storylines–Alison’s obviously being the most removed, Sarah searching for Helena, Helena amongst the military, Alison starting to figure out how to campaign for the trustee election, Cosima…I guess working with Dyad again concerning her situation–but I am curious how things turn out.

One of my favourite scenes was the Cal, Sarah, and Kira moments. They’re so cute together as a family unit, I’m glad we got that before they left (and rightly so, about time they got Kira out of the situation–a sign that things are really going to hit the roof this series?). Also <333 that Cal was pretty understanding about Sarah's situation, I'm glad she has him. Also, oh man, that Paul and Cal scene? Guess that was bound to happen sooner or later but wow! That was pretty intense. Interesting that Paul used the deal to buy Sarah some time to get out of the situation... My other favourite moment: Helena going through the rational test by the military folk. Don't they know never to mention food to her? The rest of the episode was really interesting, from the new phones to Scott's reaction to meeting Felix (lmao), and yay Art's back! The last 10-15 minutes of the episode was really intense, omg. That really sucked about Seth in the end though, we hardly knew ye. But things moving forward should be interesting with the military clones and their medical problems, how Mark factors into everything, etc. So yeah, intense episode, can't wait for the next one! πŸ˜€

Episode 3.03

Is it me or is this series moving a little too slowly? I feel like we’re getting vignettes, but that may be because the cast and groupings are so many and so spread out now–the military side, the Dyad side, Sarah and her sisters, and now the Proletheans are back (I knew it wasn’t over after Helena torched their place last series). As amusing as Alison and Donnie’s storyline is, it feels so separate from everything else that’s going on, I wish she’d interact a bit more with her sisters, maybe get Donnie to meet Cosima in person (then again, let’s hold that off until Helena gets free).

Speaking of which, I really hope Helena doesn’t believe what everyone’s telling her, that Sarah sold her out. It took them so long to become this sister unit, I don’t want them to break it apart because of the military’s mind control. In the meantime, loooooooooove her interaction with Rudy (the “ugliest Mark” yet; omg what would a fight between her and Rudy look like? They are by far the loose cannonballs in their respective siblings, I think) and (more so) with Paul. I’m still curious as to how and why Sarah and Helena don’t have the “defect”, we never got so much as a clue last series why that was the case.

Cosima and Scott continue to be the dynamic science duo that they are, bless them. LMAO at their makeshift autopsy in Felix’s apartment (I wonder what they did afterwards…you know, to Seth’s body O_O). And LMAO at their general geeky dynamic, I love it (Comic-Con, Star Trek references, yeeeessss πŸ˜€ ). I also love that Cosima got to talk to Art for a bit via Skype; Art’s face says it all, really, about their predicament, but anyway.

Sarah and Art’s little road trip was interesting, especially from Art’s POV and why he’s helping her out. I mean, he was starting to anyway last series but now that he’s back on the force again it’s interesting to see them define the limits of what he can and cannot do for Sarah and her sisters. The little reveal about his feelings for Beth was also interesting because I think people–I can’t even remember if I consider myself one of them included–were speculating if maybe he had feelings for Beth. Kevin Hanchard was great in that diner sequence. Nonetheless, all of the references about Beth makes me really REALLY want a flashback sequence with Beth in the mix. I’ve always been interested in her character and I’m glad she hasn’t been forgotten as the narrative has gotten more crazier, but it’d be interesting to just see her and her interactions with Cosima and Alison.

Omg, that last scene of Mark in the field and Bonnie Johannsen there with the rifle…with Bonnie and Dr. Coady running around this series, we’ve got plenty of “bad mothers” running around this show.

Overall, it was an interesting episode but I’m hoping that we’ll be getting some concrete answers soon and that the pacing picks up a wee bit. I’m curious to see where the Rachel storyline is going (she’s aware that she’s on the outs given what happened to her and it sounds like she might be important biologically, but how will Rachel take that?) and who’s overseeing the Castor programme, that director that Paul has to meet and deal with? How will Topside make everyone’s lives worse (again)?


I’m likely forgetting plenty of other thoughts I wanted to add for these episodes but I did write this is a bit of a rush (especially the first two; didn’t write notes on them until days after seeing the episodes). Anyway, what did you think of the first three episodes of series 3 of Orphan Black?

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  1. Ehhhhhhh we’re up to three episodes already?! And seeing this post is from seven days ago I suppose there’s a fourth one now? I’ve only watched the first episode. I agree with your comments on Helena. It’s hard to remember how she used to freak me out in S1 πŸ˜› What stood out most for me was Delphine’s new attitude. I wonder what she’s up to…. The episode felt a little strange for me, like I never ‘got my balance.’ I was expecting it to pick up immediately from the end of S2 and when that didn’t happen I struggled to keep up. I really should have rewatched the last few episodes of S2 because I clearly forgot some key details! Hopefully I’ll settle in with another episode or two.

    • Tell me about it, I’ve been a little slow catching up this series for some reason :3 (well, I have been a bit busier than usual offline, but still!) Seems like yesterday we were waiting for this series to start…

      I totally understand what you mean about the first episode, it definitely felt a little strange watching it. Hope you caught up since and have been enjoying the series so far! πŸ™‚

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