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February Updates

Posted 28 February, 2015 by Lianne in Website / 8 Comments

So, February, quite a month, eh? Again, it was ridiculously cold and we got dumped with a lot of snow, and I was up and down this month. But I’m okay now and all is well. So here’s what has been going on at my blog for the shortest month of the year…

(not my gif but this is basically me re: the month of February =P)

  1. Books reviewed this month include: Brandon Sanderson’s The Alloy of Law (review), The Rithmatist (review), and Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre (commentary). You can check out all the books I’ve reviewed recently in the book review tag.
  2. ARCs read and reviewed this month include: Frances Whiting’s Walking on Trampolines (review), Miranda Sherry’s Black Dog Summer (review) and Alison Weir’s The Marriage Game (review). You can check out all of the ARCs that I recently read in this tag.
  3. Bit of an interesting month on my part; as a result of not being well earlier in the month, I turned to audiobooks for the first time. As a result, I ended up reviewing quite a number of dramatic plays, such as Shakespeare’s Richard III (review) and Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus (review). Check out the other dramatic plays I’ve talked about in this tag.
  4. For So You Want to Read… this month, I featured Georgette Heyer’s books. You can check out the post here and previous posts in this feature via this tag.
  5. Finally, the biggest piece of news this month on my blog: I celebrated my 8th blogoversary! 🙂 (see post) As a thank you to all my readers, I have been hosting a small book giveaway this month. It closes at 11:59PM EST tonight so there’s still a bit of time if you haven’t entered yet 🙂 Good luck!


And that’s about it from me this month! Next month should be a bit interesting on the blog, if only because at the moment that I typed up this post, half the month has already been scheduled with book reviews as well as one week focusing on movies I wanted from this month :3

Anyways, how was everyone’s February? For those of you in the northern hemisphere, I reckon you’re all ready for winter to be over and done, yes? 😉

Review: The Jew of Malta

Posted 27 February, 2015 by Lianne in Books / 0 Comments

The Jew of Malta
By: Christopher Marlowe
Format/Source: Audiobook via LibriVox

Prejudice, the intricacies of Mediterranean politics, and Machiavellian strategy abound in this masterpiece of Elizabethan theater. The eponymous character in this suspenseful drama, a prototype for Shakespeare’s Shylock, schemes desperately against Christian and Moslem hostility to cling to his wealth, his status, and his daughter.

So I’m finally getting around to Marlowe’s other plays. I decided to start with this play because of the connection to Shakespeare’s Shylock, but also because it seemed shorter (not quite ready to tackle the two-parter Tamburlaine).

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Review: The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus

Posted 26 February, 2015 by Lianne in Books / 0 Comments

The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus
By: Christopher Marlowe
Format/Source: Audiobook via LibriVox

Faustus, a brilliant scholar, sells his soul to the devil in exchange for limitless knowledge and powerful black magic, yet remains unfulfilled. He considers repenting, but remains too proud to ask God for forgiveness. His indecision ultimately seals his fate.

I first read this play back in 2013; Christopher Marlowe has been on my radar for some time, having learned that he was a contemporary of William Shakespeare. I never reviewed the play, and barely recalled my impressions of it, so I decided to re-read (well, listen) it again, particularly as I’ve exhausted the Shakespeare plays on my tbr pile at the moment 😉

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Review: Richard III

Posted 25 February, 2015 by Lianne in Books / 2 Comments

Richard III
By: William Shakespeare
Format/Source: Audiobook via LibriVox

The bitter, deformed brother of the King is secretly plotting to seize the throne of England. Charming and duplicitous, powerfully eloquent and viciously cruel, he is prepared to go to any lengths to achieve his goal and, in his skilful manipulation of events and people, Richard is a chilling incarnation of the lure of evil and the temptation of power.

I enjoyed the latter half of the Henry VI and the mess that is the War of the Roses and all of the characters involved, so I was looking forward to listening to this play. This play is quite famous and the character one of the most villanous and well-known amongst Shakespeare’s characters.

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Review: Henry VI (Part Three)

Posted 24 February, 2015 by Lianne in Books / 0 Comments

Henry VI (Part 3)
By: William Shakespeare
Format/Source: Audiobook via LibriVox

“Henry VI Part III” is the third of William Shakespeare’s plays set during the lifetime of King Henry VI of England, and prepares the ground for one of his best-known and most controversial plays: “the tragedy of King Richard III” (Richard III of England). It follows on from “Henry VI, part 1” and “Henry VI, part 2”.

And here we are, at the last play of the Henriad. After the escalating tensions and following bloodbath of Part 2 (review), I can only expect further tensions and more characters meeting their end before the conflict is over.

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