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Website: October Updates

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How is it that we’re almost at the end of the year again? Seems like yesterday October had just begun and I was looking forward to the cooler weather…Well, the cooler weather has certainly settled in over here (perhaps a little suddenly; feels like we’re skipping over autumn and entered straight into early winter weather), though the amount of rain we’ve gotten makes it look more like spring than anything…but I digress…This month on the blog!:


  1. Books reviewed this month include: Catherine Arnold’s Necropolis: London and Its Dead (review), Henry James’ Washington Square (review) and Elizabeth Gaskell’s Ruth (review). You can check out all the books I’ve reviewed recently in the book review tag.
  2. ARCs read and reviewed this month include: Peter Pomerantsev’s Nothing Is True and Everything is Possible (review), Alfred Hermida’s Tell Everyone: Why We Share and Why It Matters (review), and Peter Ackroyd’s Rebellion – The History of England, Vol. 3 (review). You can check out all of the ARCs that I recently read in this tag.
  3. I participated in two book blog tours this month: one for Michelle Gable’s A Paris Apartment (review) and one for Sherry Jones’ The Sharp Hook of Love (review; interview)
  4. Movies & television shows watched and reviewed include: The Hollow Crown: Henry V (review), The Way (review), and Doctor Who (episodes 7 – 9).
  5. In light of some recent events in the book blogging community, I sort of did a tidy-up of some posts here and what’s visible (perhaps a little late but a little caution doesn’t hurt–even if it sucks). My reviews of books and flailings over tv shows and movies will continue as before, though I think I’ve mentioned before that changes are coming to this space anyway in the coming year and I’ve been planning on cleaning up my social media stuff anyway (too many accounts, not many in actual use–or purpose).
  6. On a happier note, things to look forward to in November: Sci-Fi Month and NaNoWriMo! (how I’m going to get through November is beyond me, lol; shouldn’t affect the blog seeing as my reviews to books read in October are backlogged into November anyway (please see yesterday’s Bookish & Not-So-Bookish post for more thoughts there!) 😛 )


And that’s about it from me this month! Hope everyone had a lovely October! 🙂

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

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Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is a weekly blogging event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. It allows book bloggers (and non-book bloggers) to write about pretty much anything, bookish or otherwise (i.e. share exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things they’ve encountered during the week, etc.).

(gif source; loved this scene from 809 of Doctor Who 😀 )


  1. NaNoWriMo is starting on Saturday! And I’m honestly wondering how I’m going to get through it as school stuff has been a lot more, err, tighter than I initially expected. Ehh, I’m sure I’ll figure out something…
  2. So, I was flailing last week because the new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron dropped (leaked then released? I don’t know the details, but it’s out there now)–and it’s just a teaser trailer! How creepy is that version of Pinocchio’s “I’ve Got No String”? Is it 2015 yet?
  3. Speaking of trailers, normally I’d be uber-excited for a new Middle Earth movie, a la The Hobbit: Battle for the Five Armies is around the corner, but this time not really. I think this might be because there’s been no new trailer to be seen, which is a little disheartening. Soon, I hope? I will see it come December, but a build-up in excitement would be nice 😛
  4. So you may have known that last week there had been some scary events here in Canada, in Montreal and then in Ottawa. Utterly heartbreaking. Ottawa’s the seat of the federal government, but if you’ve ever been there you’d be surprised how quiet and calm it is there, nothing really happens, so for something like that to happen is really shocking and upsetting. This editorial cartoon from last Thursday is especially touching.
  5. And then there was the event from two weekends ago over that author and what she did (I won’t even link the article or refer to the details). That and another scary event involving a 1-star review and an author lashing out have left me wondering a bit about some of my own internet practices and my blogging (not so much the reviews–you may have noticed I rarely give 1-stars, and I’ve been sure to give balanced but analytic reviews as to why I gave the rating that I did), as well as of course disgusted by their actions. I didn’t outright participate in the book blogger blackout that some bloggers are participating in this week partly as my blog posts are all scheduled and I’m already backlogged, but I decided to shuffle it a bit as to not to feature ARCs this week. It’s the least I could do…Well this entry is turning to a bit of downer…
  6. On a slightly-lighter note, the backlog I am referring to: I have book reviews scheduled up to mid-November right now. It has occurred to me that at the rate that I’m reading, I’ll need to start scheduling posts on weekends if I’m ever to make sure that all the books I’ve been reading in 2014 have their reviews posted before the end of the year 😛
  7. Speaking of which, lots of books have been coming in for me lately! (Girard’s Madame Picasso, Clarke’s The Happiest People in the World just to name a few). Granted, my TBR list has ballooned considerably, but nonetheless 😛
  8. Books I read recently that I really enjoyed and whose reviews will be posted next week: Miranda Hart’s Is It Just Me? (hilarious and quite insightful), Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One (my first post for Sci-Fi Month), and Alice Munro’s Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage (so good) 🙂
  9. I finally started reading Graeme Simsion’s The Rosie Effect. With all of these tests and assignments, I needed some light-hearted fun, and Don Tillman seemed like the perfect solution to this 🙂
  10. On a final bookish note, 10 Russian Novels to Read Before You Die. An excellent list, happy Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons (one of my favourite books ever) made the list. In fact, the only books I haven’t read are Sholokhov’s And Quiet Flows the Don, Grossman’s Life and Fate (although I’ve read something else from him), and Ulitskaya’s The Funeral Party.


And that’s about it for me! How was your week?

Review: The Bird’s Nest

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The Bird’s Nest
By: Shirley Jackson
Format/Source: Won a copy via Twitter giveaway contest held by Penguin Paperbacks

Elizabeth is a demure twenty-three-year-old wiling her life away at a dull museum job, living with her neurotic aunt, and subsisting off her dead mother’s inheritance. When Elizabeth begins to suffer terrible migraines and backaches, her aunt takes her to the doctor, then to a psychiatrist. But slowly, and with Jackson’s characteristic chill, we learn that Elizabeth is not just one girl—but four separate, self-destructive personalities.

The Bird’s Nest, Jackson’s third novel, develops hallmarks of the horror master’s most unsettling work: tormented heroines, riveting familial mysteries, and a disquieting vision inside the human mind.

I’ve long heard of Shirley Jackson, having added The Haunting of Hill House some years ago, but never got around to any of her books until more reccently when I won a copy of a recently-released version of The Bird’s Nest. Seemed fitting to read such an eerie tale now given that Hallowe’en is just around the corner 😉

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Review: Mr. Knightley’s Diary

Posted 28 October, 2014 by Lianne in Books / 4 Comments

Mr. Knightley’s Diary
By: Amanda Grange
Format/Source: Paperback; my copy

Re-live Jane Austen’s Emma– from Mr. Knightley’s point of view.

Between managing his estate and visiting his brother in London, Mr. Knightley is both exasperated and amused by his irresistibly beautiful, outrageously mischievous neighbor, Emma Woodhouse, whose misguided attempts at matchmaking are wreaking havoc in the village of Highbury.

But when a handsome newcomer arrives and catches Emma’s attention, Mr. Knightley is shocked by his reaction. Amusement gives way to another emotion entirely-for his unreasonable dislike of the handsome newcomer seems suspiciously like jealousy.

I’ve been aware of Amanda Grange’s Austen Heroes Diaries for a number of years now. Two years ago I finally got around to picking up Captain Wentworth’s Diary (review) and had been curious to check out more ever since. After seeking some recommendations from a friend on Twitter, I opted for Mr. Knightley. He’s one of my favourite Austen heroes, and my favourite part of Emma (commentary), so it’s interesting to see how an author handles his side of the story.

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Review: Hawkeye: L.A. Woman (vol. 3)

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Hakweye: L.A. Woman, vol. 3
By: Matt Fraction (writer)
Format/Source: Paperback; my copy

Kate Bishop heads to Los Angeles to get away from New York, life, and Clint Barton – but not away from trouble! Because Madame Masque is hanging out at poolside with the rich and famous as well! As Kate helps a reclusive and Sixties-damaged pop music genius find his lost masterpiece, Madame Masque finds Kate. By which we mean starts trying to kill her again. This one has it all! Characters! Plot! Story! Dialogue! Theme! Meaning! Message! Action! A little exposition! Fire! Arrows! Criminals! Neighbors! Large bodies of water! Clients! Cops who don’t care! A system that victimizes the victims! The dog! In a broken town where cynicism and apathy has its claws around the throat of the good and decent, Lady Hawkguy is the only hero you can trust!

Collecting: Hawkeye Annual 1, Hawkeye 14, 16-18, 20.

I have really been enjoying Matt Fraction’s run on Hawkeye, having read volume 1 (review) and volume 2 (review). I wasn’t in any particular rush to check out volume 3, but after having heard that Fraction’s run was ending with volume 4, I bumped it up the reading list 😉

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