Review: The Nonesuch

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The Nonesuch
By: Georgette Heyer
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When they learned that Sir Waldo Hawkridge was coming, the village gentry were thrown into a flurry. The famed sportsman himself! Heir to an uncounted fortune, and a leader of London society! The local youths idolized “the Nonesuch”; the fathers disapproved; and the mothers and daughters saw him as the most eligible–and elusive–man in the kingdom.

But one person remained calm. When she became a governess, Ancilla Trent had put away romance, and at first she could only be amused at the fuss over Sir Waldo. But when he ignored the well-born beauties of the district, a shocking question began to form: could the celebrated gentleman be courting her?

I went on a bit of a Georgette Heyer spree recently and bought a few titles for my eReader. It’s been a while! The premise of this novel sounded interesting and the perfect sort of read to cap off the remainder of my break 🙂

Unfortunately, this might be my least favourite Georgette Heyer novel now (it used to be Friday’s Child (review) =S I didn’t find it as vivacious as other Heyer novels I’ve read or as enjoyable as other readers have found it to be. It was dull at some parts, but I think the main reason I didn’t enjoy this novel was because Tiffany was a very annoying character–all other Regency characters pale in comparison to how annoying she was–and a bit of a snob at times too. Ancilla Trent has the patience of a saint, having to deal with her and the rest of the Underhills. I also didn’t care so much for the various grievances of Waldo’s family, which was sad as some of them were pretty crazy. But yeah, their stories just didn’t grab me as much. Not to mention it was hard to keep track of Waldo’s relatives to begin with *shrugs*

The best of this novel is really Sir Waldo and Miss Trent’s growing relationship/romance. It’s a bit of a slow burn, but what’s lovely is that it’s a bit of a Cinderella story of sorts; Ancilla was not anticipating any sort of romance or marriage proposal of any sort, not to mention the likes of Sir Waldo courting her. I just wished we had a bit more insight of how Waldo ended up falling for Ancilla–you see all of the things he does for her, and his actions speak a lot about the sort of man he is, but it would’ve been interesting to know more about what’s going on in his head. But yeah, I found their relationship to be rather sweet and it was the only bit about this novel that I enjoyed.

So yeah, The Nonesuch unfortunately didn’t amuse me as much as I thought it would. The rating would’ve been a bit higher, but the drama and antics by Tiffany and Waldo’s relatives was just too much for me to really enjoy.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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