Review: Fables: The Mean Seasons (vol. 5)

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Fables: The Mean Seasons (vol. 5)
By: Bill Willingham (writer), James Jean (illustrations), Mark Buckingham (Illustrator), Steve Leialoha (Illustrator)
Format/Source: Paperback; my brother’s copy

This trade paperback features two tales of Bigby’s exploits during World War II as well as “The Year After,” which follows the aftermath of the Adversary’s attempt to conquer Fabletown —

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Sort of had to revise from my usual format here because of that massive spoiler in this volume’s blurb! 😛 Anyway, exciting issue to follow up reading with, especially after the events of March of the Wooden Soldiers (review). May contain some spoilers if you haven’t read the first 4 volumes of the series!

This fifth volume of Fables feels more of a reactionary/aftermath of volume four; events touched on in the background such as the impending elections at Fabletown, Bigby’s backstory, Snow’s pregnancy, are all resolved and brought to the forefront in this volume. So firstly there’s the elections. Lo and behold, Prince Charming wins and becomes the new mayor of Fabletown, but to my glee the transition is not as smooth and being in these positions of power is not what he or his team expected it to be *insert me cackling in the distance* The reader learns more about Bigby’s secret operations and investigations on the side, and the new team learns just how much Snow managed during her time as deputy mayor.

Meanwhile, we see Snow in a different situation as she gives birth to her children. Because her children inherited Bigby (and family)’s abilities and non-humanoid appearance, Snow has no choice but to live on the Farm, where Bigby is not welcomed. It was tough to see them disagree about this (and some reactions I think were needlessly hard on Snow), but however lovely it would be to see Bigby, Snow, and family live elsewhere in the world, it would be very tough, and Snow doesn’t seem like the type to adapt very easily and requires that measure of security and stability. I just hope that they will be able to reunite soon enough. Meanwhile, I love how everyone was so welcoming to Snow and her children, and how Mr. North showed up to see his grandchildren. It sounds like and Bigby has a rather tenuous relationship; can’t wait to see that play out once Bigby shows up again.

Other secondary stories like Blue boy’s mysterious disappearance, Flycatcher’s circumstances working for Bigby, what Cinderella is up to, etc., were all great reads as well, and I can see them coming back and playing a roll in later storylines (so maybe I got spoiled a bit and read the blurb to volume 6). I also felt really bad for King Cole, who’s now without a job and looking terribly sad. I hope something good comes his way soon!

Overall this volume of Fables was an enjoyable read. It wasn’t as action-packed or as thick as the previous volume, but nonetheless there was a lot that was going on both in Fabletown and for the characters. Another excellent issue–I look forward to what happens next in the story! 🙂

Rating: ★★★★★

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