Review: Green Arrow: Year One

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Green Arrow: Year One
By: Andy Diggle (writer), Jock (Illustrator)
Format/Source: Paperback; my copy

Oliver Queen has been a faithful member of the Justice League of America and defended Star City with his trusty bown and an arsenal of deadly arrows for years–now thrill to the definitive tale of how he became Green Arrow!

Queen is a frivolous playboy with little care for anyone or anything–apparently even himself. But when he’s double-crossed and marooned on a jungle island, he finds that he does care about something: justice!

Okay, so for some reason I ended up watching a bit of the television show Arrow–totally unintended, I liked Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow from Smallville, I thought the Green Arrow in Arrow was too serious, too broody. But I liked enough of what I saw. Plus, I enjoyed Ollie’s role in the comic series Injustice (review) so I seriously started looking into Green Arrow comics. This title came up, which was perfect since this line of series seemed to be geared at focusing on the origin stories of familiar superheroes (see my review of Huntress: Year One).

Fun fact: the flashback sequences in the tv show Arrow were actually inspired by this comic (and the character John Diggle was partly named after the writer of this issue). This comic recounts Ollie’s experiences–both his lifestyle before he ended up shipwrecked on the island and his time on the island and how it changed him. It’s a very good introduction, watching him from being the mess wtih the Tony Stark-esque lifestyle to being stranded on an island and forced to adapt and survive to the conditions around him. It’s also a pretty straightforward read in terms of plot, but it was fun to read as Ollie gradually changes as a person, meets bad guys along the way, and navigate his way around what’s really going on at that island.

I absolutely love the art in this volume. I feel like I’ve been rather spoilt recently with all of these great comics featuring fantastic art, but the art in this volume is just amazing: the colours, the layout of the scenes, the way the characters and the settings were sketched. It also felt just right in terms of the tone of the novel.

Overall, I really enjoyed this volume of Green Arrow, it’s a great introduction to the character and his road to becoming the hero (or the figure, rather) that he is.

Rating: ★★★★★

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