Review: Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis (vol. 3)

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Aquaman: The Throne of Atlantis (vol. 3)
By: Geoff Johns (writer), Ivan Reis (Illustrations)
Format/Source: Paperback; my brother’s copy

Atlantis attacks! Aquaman, long having since severed ties with his people, watches as as armies rise from the water and attack the surface world. The Justice League–Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Cyborg–answer the call, defending the shores from the invading Atlantean hordes.

But whose side is Aquaman on? With his brother Orm at the head of the undersea army, will Aquaman choose to side with his Earth-bound superteam? Or his own people?

Note: This is not the cover of the paperback edition (I could not find a hi-res image of the cover) but the cover to one of the single issues included; image source

Here we are, volume 3 of New 52’s Aquaman. The New 52 series has been getting a lot of flack for the uneven writing, continuity, etc. of the big characters, but I’ve been enjoying its run for Aquaman so far; Geoff Johns I think has done a good job in bringing Arthur Curry to life (and, let’s face it, has shown readers how truly badass this Atlantean superhero really is).

In this issue of Aquaman, Arthur’s past comes back to affect the present as Atlantis attacks the surface. It’s pretty epic as Atlantis’ attack affects the whole world, the sea rising and all that. What I’ve been enjoying about Geoff Johns’ storytelling is how he would provide flashbacks, fleshing out how the conflict came to be and what Arthur’s role was before. It also serves as an interesting contrast between the angry Arthur or old and the more sober and calmer Arthur that we know now, as well as provides more background into Arthur’s look into his Atlantean heritage.

While it’s ultimately up to Arthur to deal with his brother and the nefarious forces working behind the scenes of the conflict, it’s nice to see the members of the Justice League show up and (sort of) lend a helping hand in matters as the conflict affects various cities in the world. I say “sort of” because half the time I found myself yelling at some of the characters (namely Batman and Wonder Woman) for impeding Arthur’s efforts at reasoning with the Atlanteans =P In Aquaman I trust! But regardless of that, it was nice to see them show up and work with Aquaman (we even got some hilarious moments between Diana and Clark Kent about secret identities and glasses *lol*).

Ultimately the showdown between the Atlantean forces, the Justice League, and another group (which I shall not name but it ties everything together quite cohesively story-wise to day) is just epic. Everyone was badass and the touch of mythology to the overall story was fantastic. And it was also quite heart-breaking in a way too:

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Volume 3 overall is another fantastic installment in Aquaman’s adventures, expanding on his world, his past, and his connection to the Justice League. The conclusion of the story also provides a great jump-off for the next story arc. I can’t wait to see how the consequences affect Aquaman’s story!

Rating: ★★★★★

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