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A streetwise hustler witnesses the suicide of a girl who looks just like her and falls headlong into a deadly mystery.

And here we are, at the season finale of Orphan Black! Gosh, it seemed like yesterday the show just premiered…Anyway, super massive SPOILERS ahead if you haven’t been tuning in (as I’m not using spoiler tags in the following at all =P)

(gif source; an apt thing to do while watching Orphan Black)

Okay, I was a bit down in the dumps for the last two weeks of Orphan Black: didn’t really enjoy episode 2.08 because of the slow progression of the storyline while 2.09 felt more like a set-up to the finale. But this episode feels like the other episodes in terms of pacing, and the balance between the lighter moments and the crazier how-are-they-going-to-get-out-of-this moments. Not to mention the overarching story is moving forward with some storylines closing (or so it seems) and others opening.

I do apologise, my thoughts are all over the place but going by character:

  • So it looks like this was the penultimum of Rachel and Sarah‘s personal war, and for a while it seemed like Rachel had the upper had: she had Kira, she got Sarah where she wanted her to be with her surrendering to Dyad, she had Ethan back. But it took clone club–Kira, Cosima, Scott (yeah, I’m including him in the club now, he’s been such a great help), Delphine (who dropped out of the story early but I forgot that she was the one who started everything off with the schedule), as well as Cal, Paul, Mrs. S., and another insider–to get all the things to Sarah in the operation room and bust everyone out. I don’t want to write Rachel completely off the show yet (given that last season we sort of did with Helena and we got her back this season =P) but suffice to say she won’t be a threat to the story (for now?).
  • For all of Rachel‘s coldness and deviousness, I really felt bad for her. That moment when Ethan started choking was a golden acting moment for Tatiana; Rachel was like she was eight all over again, losing her parents. And then for her to complete snap and show up at Sarah’s OR and smashing Kira’s bone marrow the way she did–Rachel is quite frightful when she’s unhinged. Alas for her.
  • Sarah on the other hand was in an interesting place this episode. I noted in my last entry that it seemed like she had gone reactionary in the last few episodes, and I felt like this was the second time this season we’ve seen her in a position of complete helplessness, giving herself up in order to see and get Kira back, but with no escape route in sight. It’s nice to see Sarah relying on her fellow sisters and friends for a change in the plot, and it once again reinforces how different Sarah is now compared to where she was in the pilot.
  • While I am glad that Cosima didn’t die at the end of this episode (with the dance-off scene, I really thought this was a send-off for her), I am unsettled at the fact that we’ll be heading to season 3 with her still sick πŸ™ I am pleased that she was more involved outside of her personal storyline and interacted with other characters outside of Delphine. She really felt isolated this season, perhaps more so than Alison, so the last twenty minutes when she was back with her family was all sorts of wonderful. Oh, and her hanging out/working with Kira as well…Now that I think about it, this is the first time she’s actually met/hanged out with Kira, isn’t it? I don’t remember Cosima and Kira meeting last season (unless it happened off-scene), even though they know of each other… Edit: Hmm, forgot to mention the nitrogen tank that Helena left behind. Could Cosima be cured a lot sooner than we anticipated & be able to work on the notes Ethan left behind for Kira?
  • Alison didn’t get much screentime save for the end–I heard her scenes with Donnie were cut from the episode–but her storyline last episode really did feel like a wrap-up for the season on her end and she wasn’t as directly involved with Dyad this season compared to the others. But it was nice that she showed up when the others regrouped at Felix’s
  • Did I mention at one point how intriguing it would be should Helena meet up with the other clones (considering last season she was trying to kill them all)? Well, we got that wish, and it was all sorts of wonderful given a) this season seemed all about her trying to find her family, which she did with her twin Sarah, and then being forcibly joined into Henrik’s “family”, but now she’s here with a family of sisters. I loved that moment when Cosima hugged her, welcoming her; you can see how different of an experience this must be for her, b) she reunites with Kira, which was the cutest reunion ever, and c) reinforces how far Helena’s gone this season. Oh, and then the dance that followed? Yeah, I can see why they said this was going to be the fandom’s newest favourite scene:

  • Speaking of Helena, her first scene was hilarious:

  • Also, I wish we got a scene of Helena and Sarah talking before Sarah and Felix bring her up to the loft. Just because they sort of went off different tracks back in episode 7 and the road trip. But anyway…
  • On the other front: why, Paul, so that’s what you have been up to all this time! While we still don’t know whose side he’s really on (he seemed rather…morose? in that last scene, like he didn’t want Helena kidnapped and taken by the military, but like he told Mrs. S, it had to be done), we finally have some light shed on his character. The Afghanistan business always seemed rather vague…The question now of course is what his objectives really are, either about Project Castor or just in general. I think he continues to have a soft spot for Sarah (judging by that awkwardly hilarious moment when he and Cal meet—mwhahaha, and Mrs. S was all “I don’t know how she does it” :3 ), but I don’t think it’ll factor in that much next season. We’ll see when his storyline goes next season.
  • But Mrs. S., yo. Why did she do that at the end? What deal was made behind the scenes (if it was a deal at all)? I dunno whatelse to say except that her character continues to be an enigma (how much isn’t she telling? How much does she really know? She seems to be aware of the Castor project)…
  • Meanwhile, hee, I was right, Kira manages to steal the medical technician’s phone (Sarah would be proud! I think) and calls Cal. I love that his character brings in research he’s been doing off-screen regarding Dyad and all of the related multinationals, bringing in that other aspect of the greater conpiracy/mystery that none of the other characters would have really been able to divulge given the time…Also, I’m glad his character is sticking around (someone needs to keep an eye out for Kira! Like, genuinely–I don’t want any more Kira kidnappings, please, please, please!), Clone club needs a tech-savvy person if the conspiracy is moving beyond Dyad. Not to mention his last scene with Sarah was <3 (Alison and Cosima approves!)
  • The reveal that Marion Bowles was willing to help Sarah out was one of those surprises. All of the scenes we’ve seen her in so far made it seem like she wanted Sarah out of the picture because she’s just such an wildcard, but now I realise it seems she’s more interested in Sarah because she wants to uncover more of what’s going on. I can see her being a sort of mentor figure for Sarah too; sure, we still don’t really know what’s really in it for her (other than protecting her daughter, Charlotte (another whoa! moment/reveal)) and whether or not she’ll eventually turn on Sarah, but I think she has the potential to be an awesome guiding figure (or whatever you want to call her status) for Sarah, especially as I think Mrs. S isn’t planning on divulging any more of what she knows anytime soon.
  • Finally, I know there were reactions against Mark revealed as the male clone of the Castor project and how they wanted Felix to be the male clone. Yes, it would have been fantastic to see Jordan Gavaris expand and flex his acting chops further playing multiple roles, but Mark was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Never in a million years would I think he would be a subject of the project, and for Mark to even have been on the Prolethean side at one point? Ari Millen does creepy-weird-strangely-adorakable really well so I’m looking forward to seeing how this development plays out and how he will handle these characters (no pressure though!) Edit: It has occurred to me that all of the Mark clones that we’ve seen in this episode are military-related somehow. I’m guessing Project Castor is not as diverse in turnout as Project Leda?
  • On a final note, Gracie and Mark marrying was cute, but the whole clone reveal might but a bump in their marital bliss. We’ll see how that works out next season…

Gosh, I hope I got everything! There was just so much going on in this episode, both for the characters and for the larger mystery at hand…Anyway, some random thoughts that stick out of my mind about season 3:

  1. What else is Mrs. S. hiding?
  2. What’s up with the military fraction holding Project Castor and how will they cause trouble for Sarah & co. next season?
  3. How exactly will Dyad fit in next season now that we and Sarah & co. know about the military side of the equation being alive and kicking?
  4. Will Tony factor in any way next season? (seeing as he was the one who sent the message in the first place…Did they say in episode 8 who was after them?)
  5. Will Jesse show up again next season? The show did leave it open for him to return…and Helena is looking for him (awwww)
  6. Will Donnie play a larger role in Clone club now that he’s aware of what’s going on?
  7. Will Art ever go back to the police force or has he gone independent now?

And that’s it for me and season 2 of Orphan Black! Like always, Tatiana Maslany is an amazing actress; if she doesn’t get a nom from the Emmys this season it will be an utter travesty. Supporting cast, both existing and added, continue to be awesome. Anyway, what did you think of the finale? What are you looking forward to next season?

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4 Responses to “Television: Orphan Black (Series 2 Finale)”

  1. Yesssss. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode! There are so many things to discuss… What I liked best about this finale is that it leaves a lot of open questions but doesn’t ram you with a cliffhanger. I don’t tend to think about this show very critically because I just get so excited and caught up in what’s happening on screen. I never think ahead, I never see things coming. So, the revelation of a male cloning project blew me away (although it seems so obvious now! If they could make female clones, why not male clones? Great way to open the show up beyond our beloved Sarah and co.). I actually thought for a moment, once I understood what was going on, that Paul was going to be the male clone. Maybe that’s a bit ridiculous in hindsight… I too am pleased to find out Mark is a clone. I’m very glad we’ll get to see more of those two! I don’t know much about the fandom so I’m surprised to hear people were hoping Felix would be a clone. I agree that it would be great to see more of Jordan Gavaris, but I think that would have been too much, even for this show. I also loved the dance scene, and I love Helena (who would have thought?! She freaked me out back in the day), and I love how Cosima’s life-or-death situation is not a cliffhanger, at least for now. I think I’ll need to review what we know about Paul and Mrs. S – you are definitely right that she’s an enigma, so much so that I can’t keep track of what we actually know about her XD I would love to see more of Donnie, Tony, Jesse, and I hope we haven’t lost Delphine and Rachel entirely. Okay! Dinner is ready so I will stop now πŸ™‚

    • Agreed! They did the major cliffhanger last season finale so it was nice that there were so many open questions left but it wasn’t such a cliffhanger…

      Haha, you know, it sounds like a lot of people thought Paul was going to be the male clone. The possibility never occurred in my mind; if anything, Felix was more likely to be the candidate for that (but like you said, yeah, it would have been too much, and I think his role right now for Sarah and the others is too important), but I’m happy that it was Mark.

      Same here, it’s funny how a season has changed our opinions of Helena! I thought there was no way she could ever integrate with the other clones and yet there she was, welcomed with open arms, and she was quite sweet about it. Gah that she snuck out and got kidnapped though at the end…Now how are they going to find her?!

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! It’s nice to talk about the show with others, I feel like I don’t know enough people who watch this show (even though my family and I have managed to convince more people to watch it πŸ˜‰ )

      p.s. That’s good that you don’t think about the show too critically, sometimes it can dampen one’s enjoyment of the show if you think about it too much (which apparently I did with episodes 8 and 9 =S)

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