Television: Orphan Black (Series 2, Episodes 8 – 9)

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A streetwise hustler witnesses the suicide of a girl who looks just like her and falls headlong into a deadly mystery.

Another week, another review of Orphan Black! For this post, I will be covering both episodes 8 and 9 πŸ™‚ As always, super massive SPOILERS ahead if you haven’t seen the episodes (as I’m not using spoiler tags in the following at all =P)

(gif source; an apt thing to do while watching Orphan Black)

Episode 2.08

And here we are, two episodes away from the finale! I have to admit, this is probably my least favourite episode this season *ducks* But hear me out! I still enjoyed it–Feeisms (“Holy Tilda Swinton!” was a favourite) to Alison and Donnie’s scenes (“You used my gun?!”–the entire scene was fantastic) to Cosima playing Rune Wars with the boys–but in terms of the overall story, this episode gave us almost nothing to progress us onward except for Duncan’s little tidbit about how they were all designed to be barren (how messed up is that? Which goes back to the original question: why did they embark on this project in the first place?).

The introduction of Tony–while shocking/surprising/set the ball rolling for an hour of WTF–was interesting but ultimately I felt that the overall storyline and the message he carried should have been introduced shortly after Kira was found. I’m not sure how that would have worked out, to be honest, but the eerie message asking Beth to keep the faith and that Paul’s doing the same thing as Sammy and ghosting would’ve coloured Paul’s strange motives over the course of the season. I don’t know, maybe it’s the cold medication setting in (OT: was a bit sick on the weekend that this episode aired), but it seemed a little too late to include this as there are still so many storylines that are hanging at the moment.

As for Tony himself, I’m not really feeling how he showed up and then left at the end of the episode with no problem; it feels heavy-handed in that I can see the writers are testing this character out, gaging the audience’s response, to determine whether to keep him on board for later in the season. That’s my feel for that storyline *shrugs* But lol at the weird interaction between him and Felix; you forget that Jordan’s still interacting with Tatiana but it’s like “Dude, he’s a version of your sister still” xP

The episode also felt a bit too fanservice-y for me. Like, that’s awesome that Cosima was playing Rune Wars and everything and she had a heart-to-heart conversation with Delphine/got stoned/made up, but on the whole I feel like her story has been dragging the whole season (I still hold Fee’s description of their “transgressive lesbian geek spiral bound to end in tears” will be true) and the throwbacks in general (for everyone in the show, actually) is starting to get a bit too apparent. Once or twice is good, but not every episode, you know? Didn’t help that Cosima’s collapse and seizure was the last scene and was played all over the trailers so it lost the emotional impact that it could’ve had.

Overall, it was still interesting enough with a lot of *le gasp* moments but I’m still waiting for shit to really hit the fan and shed some light regarding Dyad, the truth behind the experiment, what the Proletheans are up to, etc, etc. I hope the pacing picks up in the next episode.

Episode 2.09

Okay, suffice to say this episode did clear up a few things and set up a number of other things for the finale:

  • Alison‘s storyline was by far my favourite. She’s had it rough since episode 1 so it was nice to see the matter with Vic resolved and her relationship with Donnie (I think the quote circulating on Twitter last night was “A couple that buries together stays together”). It also got the most chuckles from me last night, I hope Alison will be a bit more involved with the rest of the group for the finale. But wow, Donnie suddenly got pretty badass at the end! Like, we knew his family was important to him, but suddenly he was doing things right (a.k.a. not accidentally shooting someone in the head, confronting Vic and Angie) πŸ˜›
  • Speaking of which, I think Vic gave me the biggest chuckles last night for a) “God, I hate this garage” (a.k.a last time he was in this garage hot Paul nail gunned his hand a few times) and b)

    (gif source)
  • I dunno whether this ends Angie‘s off-the-records investigation, but I hope it does. There’s too many other storylines going on and the last thing I need is for her to throw her weight in the mess.
  • Helena‘s back and learned the harsh reality of what Henrik was really up to. She was pretty cute with the kids, a reminder of how much of a child Helena can really be. At the same time this episode reinforced how much of a protector she can be when faced with people who mistreat others. Her getting back at Henrik at the end was absolutely brutal (Happy Father’s Day! Too soon?) but you can’t help but cheer a bit as he was horrible, especially after the forced marriage episode.
  • How is it that the men of this television show can be so clueless of their surroundings? Mark was pretty oblivious about the realities of what was going on with Henrik, but he cares for Gracie, and I’m glad he stuck by her side in the end. Plus, are they going to be the only couple on the show who will have a happy ending? I admit, I was pretty pleased that they ran off together at the end πŸ™‚ *unexpected shipping here*
  • Is Henrik dead though? Is that storyline of Henrik’s group of Proletheans at an end? I’m a little sad if only because it’s always a pleasure to watch Peter Outerbridge onscreen, and I feel like he was a little underused this season given how absent he was in recent episodes.
  • Speaking of which, hi there Tatiana’s double, Kathryn Alexandre, as Alexis! πŸ™‚
  • Here’s where things got a little iffy for me: I didn’t mind Sarah taking the backseat a bit in this episode (though this is two episodes in a row now/reverting to the role of fixing things up rather than blowing shit up heading forward *pouts*), but I’m not sure how I feel about the way they handled the whole “we need Kira‘s bone marrow” bit. In reality, would you ultimately ask your 8-year-old (granted, a very perceptive and mature 8-year-old) if they want a needle in their bone? *shrugs* Well, it got the story where it needed to be, so I’m not wholly picky about this storyline.
  • But here’s where I got really iffy: Rachel. On the one hand, she’s clearly a very sad and a very isolated clone, her upbringing and her position a complete contrast to Sarah and co. And I get that. But I’m still not completely sold with her underlying motivation of wanting a child. If it’s because part of her longs for the early years when she was with the Duncans, well, it doesn’t feel enough of a reason. Why a natural child? Why not adopt like Alison did? I need more information. In any case, I’m left with the impression that she’s losing it and is taking things personally (if it wasn’t personal enough before) and amping the personal conflict between her and Sarah back in full-swing.
  • Which leads me to another thing: Kira. Since the very beginning I knew that Kira would be used as a piece for the “bad guys” to get Sarah to heed but this is getting tedious; we just lost her at the end of last season and now she is exactly where we thought she would be at the start of this first season: with Dyad and Rachel. Bloody hell. I wish Sarah seriously considered Cal on his offer, get him to keep Kira safe in Iceland while she wraps things up at home before joining them.
  • Finally, I really thought the end of last episode would give Cosima‘s story the jumpstart that it needed but instead it’s still crawling. I enjoyed her scenes with Ethan Duncan and Scott though.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been preoccupied lately, but the overarching stories are dragging a bit these last two episodes (but at least this latest episode is setting things up for the finale) πŸ™ This is a weird change of pace considering that the first three episodes of the season were pretty fast-paced. There are shifts emerging in the overall conflict–the introduction of another member in the Dyad power structure, Dr. Leekie’s removal, a more radical base of Proletheans (if that’s even possible)–but I feel like we’re not getting the same payoff in terms of some answers to some of the larger questions that have been floating around since the start. Or maybe this is just me voicing some of my growing concern of the number of storylines the show is holding up *shrugs* The finale should be interesting though!:

  • Sarah giving in/up?! (surely this is a ploy on the trailer’s part?)
  • Cal’s back, yay! (will the promise he gave Kira in his last scene come into play here?)
  • Where’s Paul? (Am I the only one asking this question?)
  • Will Helena meet up with Sarah, find out about Kira, and bring hell to Dyad (or is that wishful thinking on my part)?

Finale post next week! πŸ™‚

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