Review: Aquaman: The Others (vol. 2)

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Aquaman: The Others, vol. 2
By: Geoff Johns (writer), Ivan Reis (Illustrations), Joe Prado (Illustrations)
Format/Source: Paperback; my brother’s copy

Long before the King of the Seven Seas joined the Justice League, Aquaman was a part of another super-team: The Others. These young costumed adventurers traveled the globe, each trying to find their own individual road to redemption.

Six years later after a grisly murder, The Others are reunited. They know only one man could be responsible: Black Manta. Aquaman must lead the charge to stop his arch-nemesis, but will the years have fractured The Others just enough to keep them from bringing this villain to justice?

By the critically acclaimed creative team behind BLACKEST NIGHT Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, AQUAMAN VOLUME 2: THE OTHERS is the heart-stopping heart stopping follow up to the #1 New York Times best-selling AQUAMAN VOLUME 1: THE TRENCH. This volume collects issues #7-13, as well as the special #0 issue.

I really enjoyed volume one of New 52’s Aquaman so naturally I was looking forward to the next issue 🙂

The Others delves deeper into Arthur’s past, more specifically about the events surrounding the death of his father and the path of vengeance that follows against Black Manta. The reader meets some other superheroes that Aquaman used to team up with, the Others, as well as the mysterious artefacts from Atlantis that they carry. The story is fairly simple but it really tells the reader a lot more about Aquaman before the events of the new 52 series, and really fleshes out Arthur’s character. Arthur is not a perfect character; there’s an anger to him that, while touched on in the first issue, is really fleshed out in this issue and makes him complex.

Also, Mera in this issue was awesome. She was awesome in the last issue, but in this issue she was a badass. She can be supportive of Arthur but she won’t take any crap from him either; if she wants answers, you better give her answers. And, you know, she’s just all-around badass. She was definitely a highlight in this story arc.

The Others was a fantastic read. The art continues to be fantastic (I really enjoyed the fact that they included the sketches to each of the chapter openings/previews) and there was not a dull moment in the overall story arc. I’m enjoying the way that Geoff Johns is handling the character’s story and development–perhaps the reason why Aquaman is more or less my favourite DC superhero now! I look forward to reading the third volume of the new 52 series.

Rating: ★★★★★

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