‘The Way of Kings’ Read-Along (Week 9)

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Anya from Starships and Dragonwings and Nrlymrtl from Dab of Darkness are hosting a read-along starting in January for Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. Please check out THIS POST for more details on how to participate and the schedule of chapters covered.

In conjunction with our read-along, we are also hosting a super awesome giveaway for a chance to win a copy of either The Way of Kings or the follow-up, Words of Radiance, out in April! The giveaway contest is courtesy of Tor.com; please click on the link for details on how to enter.

Whoo-hoo, I was able to finish answering these questions on time! lol (I mentioned half-coherently last week that I was going to be delayed because it’s been busy on my end)

Anyway, so here we are at Week 9 of the read-along πŸ™‚ This week we are covering Chapters 58 to 65, the following questions put together by Liesel @ Musings on Fantasia. I do apologise in advance if my responses are rather scant this week; I had finished the book some time ago and was busy this past week so details are a bit murky and overlapping now for me *blushes* SPOILERS ahead as always πŸ™‚

01. Andolin has a change of heart, not only about his father, but about how he views the war. How do you think this will affect the story going forward?
Sort of a \o/ moment when he did have a change of heart tbh, a moment of clarity and maturity (with other matters in his life). I think the threat of his father abdicating and everything else that has been happening recently just sort of gave a whole new perspective to Andolin and his surroundings and his peers. Going forward, I think he will be in closer counsel with his father on war and Court matters (I hope! Don’t need any more family drama, lol).

02. Elhokar reveals that he sees figures with symbol heads, which sound suspiciously like the ones Shallan keeps drawing. What do you make of this?
I totally missed this detail! lol. Thinking on it now, Galivar was looking into the Parshendi and The Way of Kings before his death and Dalinar is having visions of the past so I wonder if whatever is going on–this strange connection to larger events–is hereditary somehow? Did we ever speculate what spren they were, if they really were spren? Even those symbol head things haven’t done anything, they still come off as nefarious and eerie to me so I wonder if it’s a foreboding sign that Shallan and possible Elhokar can see them…

03. What do you make of Dalivar’s most recent vision? Was the king he talked to really Nohadon, author of The Way of Kings? If so, what do you think the timeline is? What happened before and after what Dalinar saw? Were the strange, rock-like corpses really Voidbringers?
Firstly, I really liked this chapter, I think it revealed a lot again about what happened before and reinforced how great the scope of what’s going on really is. So yeah, I think the person Dalivar was talking to in this latest vision really is Nohadon. My sense of the timeline is a little all over the place so I can’t say where I think this particular vision is taking place. But those creatures = creepy. They could be the Voidbringers, and if not maybe something just as creepy/dangerous accompanying them…

04. Dalivar and Navani finally share a passionate kiss, and then start conducting a covert romance. What are your impressions of the relationship? Has your opinion of Navani changed at all?
Well, given that I remember this storyline from my first read, I can’t really say much about my opinion of her (nor do I remember what I wrote the first time we talked about Navani #oops). Suffice to say it is nice that Dalivar has this person on his side; while I’ve been rather suspicious of almost everyone in Elhokar’s court, Navani seemed to really only be out to get closer to Dalivar (especially as it sounds like her role/influence in Court doesn’t seem as great as it should/could be; still trying to understand the way politics works in this world). It’s nice that their relationship developed, and that we have a relationship like this in the series; it’s more mature and both characters have gone through a lot to get to where they are. Time (and future volumes) will tell to what extent their relationship will be tested or how far it can go.

05. Kaladin’s decoy plan works almost miraculously well. How do you see this affecting the story going forward, and in what way? Address the issue both for Kaladin and his men, and for the war at large.
Hmm, yeah, moving forward it’s a little hard to determine how this plan will impact both Kaladin and his men as well as the war. There’s still so much we don’t know about the Parshendi so we don’t know how they’ll react and/or how violent their next assault on the Plains will be. As for Kaladin and his men, I’m a little worried for them not only because plans have a tendency of going awry (much as Kaladin tries to keep it all together) but also goodness knows what Sadeas will do/how he will take advantage of their plan (to the detriment of the bridge crew) should he think of it….

06. So Moash wants to kill someone out of vengeance. Any guesses who or why?
No idea, tbh. It’d be pretty mind-blowing/crazy if the person turns out to be someone we’ve either already met in the novel or will be connected with the larger-scale events…

07. Why do you think Sadeas abandoned Dalivar as he did? Was this done intentionally? Was it planned in advance? What are your thoughts?
I was going to type something but then I realised that this question refers to that cliffhanger ending of a chapter, lol. Suffice to say, my thoughts on Sadeas’ move are as follows:

(Not my gif; nonetheless, the cat’s expression is my expression exactly = unimpressed)

And those are my thoughts about this week’s chapters in The Way of Kings! What did you think of this week’s events? We’re closing in to the end of the book! xD

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  1. Lol. LOVE your gif! I, too, thought maybe the visions had something to do with the bloodline. Hopefully we’ll find out soon. Thanks for stopping by my post. Can’t wait to get through the end of this! πŸ˜€

  2. Sadeas and his underlings have been really trying to kill bridge 4 lately, with daily chasm duty, continuous bridge duty, etc. I’m not sure how he can turn Kaladin’s last trick around to try to kill them, but I guess it makes sense that he would try :(. I can’t wait to join you in knowing what dramatic things happen in this next section!

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