Everything España: a 2014 Reading Challenge [Master List]

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Everything España: a 2014 Reading Challenge hosted by caffeinatedlife.net

Spain is a very interesting country with a very rich culture and history. I’m personally always on the lookout for novels either set or coming from this country so I thought it would be interesting to host a reading challenge all about this Iberian country (something I haven’t really come across online in the blogosphere) 🙂

Please sign up for this reading challenge IN THIS POST, thank you! (all sign-ups posted int his list will be moved to the appropriate list)

This post contains the master list of all the book reviews made by participants for this challenge. Linking your reviews here is optional but strongly recommended just so that we can share titles and thoughts with other bloggers, learn new titles out there and get to know each other in the process 🙂

Friendly reminder about what books are acceptable in this reading challenge:

  • Books set anywhere in Spain (either completely or partly)
  • Books written by a Spanish author (born in or is a citizen of Spain). Authors like Arturo Perez Reverte and Carlos Ruiz Zafon are acceptable but authors like Gabriel García Márquez and Isabel Allende are not (unless their novels are set in Spain). If you need help figuring out what books are written by Spanish authors or are set in Spain, please refer to this Pinboard I made on Pinterest, this GoodReads list or this Wikipedia page.
  • Books either written originally in Spanish or translated to another language (but still falling under criteria 1 & 2 (within Spain))
  • Re-reads are acceptable
  • Fiction and non-fiction titles are acceptable

And that’s about it! If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment or email me at webmaster [at] caffeinatedlife [dot] net. Have fun and I look forward to reading your reviews!

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9 Responses to “Everything España: a 2014 Reading Challenge [Master List]”

  1. Sounds like a great challenge! As you know, I’m a huge fan of Carlos Ruiz Zafon! I’ve read ALL his book translated into English. I have read one book by Arturo Perez-Reverte, but I’d like to read more, so I think I will participate in the challenge. Now all I need to do is figure out which book of his I’d like to read.

    • Yay that you’re participating in this reading challenge! 😀 Have you decided which book(s) by Perez-Reverte you’ll be reading?

      • I’m going with your recommendation of Flander’s Panel, but I’m open to more. Unfortunately I’ve read ALL Zafon’s books.

        Isi recommended The Frozen Heart by Almudena Grandes to me and I have ordered it. I can maybe fit that into my reading schedule this year too, although it’s quite a lengthy book.

        • Hee, Isi recommended that book to me too; it’s sitting on my shelf presently, waiting to be read. But yeah, it’s pretty lengthy, so I’m hoping to maybe clear a bit of my TBR list first before diving into it 🙂

          Have I recommended Carmen Laforet’s Nada to you? Easily my second favourite Spanish novel after TSoW 🙂 I also enjoyed Andromeda Lax-Romano’s The Spanish Bow.

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