Movie: Speculation & Wishlist for The Hobbit: There and Back Again (2014)

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Alrighty, now that I’ve gotten my thoughts and flailings down on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (review), here’s some thoughts and speculation for the third movie coming out…next year (y u so far away?) Contains super massive spoilers if you haven’t seen the first two movies (especially the second movie) or read the book (especially the book?)!

It’s clear that the final movie will be focusing on the end of Smaug, the White Council coming to Gandalf’s aid at Dol Guldur and facing the Necromancer and of course the War of the Five Armies. After seeing the second movie, here are some thoughts that popped into my head of what may be included in the movie:

  • I think Tauriel is going to die. I can’t totally explain this feeling but from the romance storyline perspective, Kili’s not going to make it so obviously that storyline won’t go far/is doomed if it goes down that road any further. But in general, something tells me that she will die in the third movie, which will add to the tragedy of that connection to Kili’s character and solidify Legolas’ disdain towards dwarves (until LOTR). I mean, even if she lived, where would she go? Thranduil doesn’t seem like the type to take someone back in after defying his orders outright (however wrong-headed they were).
  • Also, those who think Tauriel will be there when Kili dies…she may see it (or die first, depending), but I think it will be Fili there (Of course. And I wouldn’t have it any other way).
  • I can’t believe I’m considering this…but I think Radagast may die. I know, I know, he’s a wizard and everything but this possibility can seal up the narrative in LOTR as to why he never showed up. Of course he lives in the book, but his death could solidify just how deadly powerful the Necromancer is. But anyways, the only reason this came to my head was because Gandalf lost his staff in his fight against the Necromancer and Radagast’s staff is the one Gandalf uses in LOTR. (Plus, we never knew what happened to the two blue wizards. They could be dead too for all we know in the Third Age). Edit: Correction, I took a close look at the two staffs and while they look similar with similar elements, Radagast’s branches are longer and the place for the jewel deeper. So I stand corrected and take back this speculation! But I hope Radagast plays a bad-ass role in the battle at Dol Guldur alongside Galadriel 🙂
  • The Master of Laketown. In the books he survives everything and Bard had given him a share of the gold to help rebuild Laketown but the Master was greedy and tried running off with it and died. I wonder if they will have enough time to convey this or whether the Master will meet his end way before that.

Okay, my speculation here is pretty grim, but this second movie is a lot darker than the first movie. Also, it can be a little overshadowed by the focus and the charming tone of the novel, but The Hobbit doesn’t entirely end on a happy note. Happy for Bilbo, yes, but not necessarily for everyone else involved in this quest.

So, things I’m looking forward to in the third installment?

  • Laketown sequences, particularly Bard. Smaug’s on his way to Laketown and it’s going to be intense. It will also be the chance for Bard to shine, to rally the people (because let’s face it, the Master will be too scared to budge) and to finish what his forefather started.
  • Smaug’s end. It’ll be as brilliant as his first minute on-screen in the second movie.
  • The White Council showing up to save Gandalf and stopping the Necromancer. It’s a chance to see Galadriel (and Elrond, I hope *fingers crossed*) in action 🙂 And I’m curious to see how they will further connect the events from Dol Guldur to the gradual restart of activity in Mordor.
  • Thorin vs. Bilbo over the Arkenstone. I’m looking forward to this scene and I’m not. In the movie, I think the whole “gold madness” that plays a role in Thorin’s family will factor in greatly compared to the way things played out in the novel. I can see them sort of brushing it off as “Thorin’s not himself!” but what always made this scene so D= was the fact that, after everything they’ve been through, Thorin sees what Bilbo did as a betrayal. It’ll hurt.
  • The Battle of the Five Armies. There have been wee unedited clips here and there shown of Thranduil fighting so this should be good.
  • The ending. I hate saying goodbye to Middle Earth and these characters every single time I watch the movies but I’ll be curious to see how they wrap everything up and connect everything to LOTR.

And those are just some of my thoughts about The Hobbit: There and Back Again! What do you think will happen in the movies/what changes will be made? What are you looking forward to the most in the third installment?

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11 Responses to “Movie: Speculation & Wishlist for The Hobbit: There and Back Again (2014)”

  1. Ditto on Tauriel — I think she’s doomed, and she’ll die defending Kili or something. I never thought that Radagast might die, though — that makes me a big sad, since I like him a lot. But it would make sense as to why Gandalf winds up with his staff (is IT his staff?).

    I have to say the thing I’m most looking forward to is Galadriel coming to Gandalf’s rescue. I hope it really IS her, and we get to see her in action — not just the ethereal gorgeous elf-queen, but a badass elf capable of incredible things. I’d love that. I also want more Thranduil. He’s… twisted but gorgeous.

    • Correction about Radagast; after your comment I took a closer look at Gandalf’s staff from LOTR and Radagast’s staff–they look similar the little branches coming out from Radagast’s staff is longer, the place for the stone a bit deeper (Gandalf’s branches looks a little closer together but also twisted in that one particular direction). So I take back my theory on Radagast/stand corrected! 🙂 It would be pretty twisted if they pulled something like that. I hope he plays a big role at Dol Guldur along with Galadriel–OMG, I’d love to see a bit of the badass-ness that we know of her from The Silmarillion 😀 *excited, excited*

      I hope there’s plenty more of Thranduil in the DVD EE! 🙂 I can’t even tell you which of his scenes in the second movie was my favourite xD

      And now I’m watch FOTR EE again 😉

      • … thank goodness! I saw it a second time today and was examining the staff — and it looks a lot like Gandalf’s, so… I dunno. Maybe Gandalf recovers the stone from his staff and makes a new one?

        OH PLEASE LORD YES. I want to see Elrond AND Galadriel be bad-ass. We’ve never seen either one of them in actual battle yet (minus the few seconds of Elrond fighting at the start of LotR) and… this needs to happen. I must see it.

        Thranduil is such a douche — but sooo hot. I love him, twisted bastard that he is. I think my favorite scene is either where he shows his twisted, deformed face to Thorin (way to burn bridges, dwarf) or he slices off that orc’s head and is totally nonplussed about it (Legolas: OMG dad, why?!? Thranduil: I wanted to. Move on.)

        I so want to watch LotR EE again. Maybe next week…

    • I don’t know if the master of Lake Town will die, but I would totally enjoy watching him burn.
      As for Tauriel, She’s completely doomed. But I doubt she’ll die saving Kili. It would only make sense if he didn’t die, which, as we all know, he does.

      • lol, I think many won’t mind that (re: the Master of Lake Town) =P

        It’s so strange/interesting how the general consensus is that Tauriel is doomed (but then again, how else could it be? Unless she sails to the West in the end, which would mark her “death” anyway).

  2. I can see the beginning of Saruman’s corruption happening here, if he’s part of the White Council rescue party. Something as simple as finding a palantir there could start it off.

    Add me to the suspecting Tauriel is killed list, as well. Hopefully it won’t happen in a way that throws off the characterization of Legolas and ruins him for the rewatch of the LoTR series.

    Also, will we see another flashback scene, perhaps of Gandalf meeting Thrain and receiving the key? Perhaps offering more backdrop to how the love of treasure could doom a (dwarf’s) soul?

    • Yeah, the way that Saruman was quick to brush off Gandalf’s claims (before he showed the sword) was also rather telling about where his character is at, however quick it was.

      Agreed re: Tauriel’s death and Legolas’ characterisation. It’d be interesting to see how it factors in and ties to his character in LOTR (guh, I can’t wait to rewatch all of these movies straight and in chronological order :D)

      I think I heard somewhere that there’s a deleted scene in DoS of Gandalf meeting Thrain. I guess we won’t find out until the details of the EE comes out…

  3. Kate

    When Kili dies in the final battle, I think Tauriel will see it happen. But I think she might die after that battle rather than during, and that it will be of a broken heart rather than a physical wound!

    • It would be interesting if she dies after the battle–we haven’t quite seen an elf die that way on-screen yet (we know Arwen does but she doesn’t count since we didn’t see her die on-screen in the flash-forward *nods*)…

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