Movie: My Neighbour Totoro (1988)

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When two girls move to the country to be near their ailing mother, they have adventures with the wonderous forest spirits who live nearby.


Totoro is such an iconic character, how could I not watch this movie next? =P

What can I honestly say about this movie? It was a delightful watch. To be honest, despite my family telling me that it was a fairly happy movie, I still found myself hanging to the edge of my seat because it had the makings of a potentially sad story–sick mother, young children, etc. I think I’ve been slightly scarred by some other Japanese movie that had a really sad story associated with it, but anyways, no, this is not that type of story (thank goodness). It’s simply just a wonderous story of two sisters moving to the countryside with their father, settling in and meeting tree and nature spirits living next door. It’s a very simple story but it’s quite magical.

I think this was my favourite scene in the movie, from the moment Totoro shows up until the father’s bus arrived. There’s just something about massive Totoro with the wee little leaf on his head as it pours non-stop that just cracks me up. I also enjoyed the night sequence with the acorns and the Totoros showing up xD Okay, pretty much any scene with Totoro was my favouite.

If there’s any critiques or complaints I had about the movie, it’s that I wish there were more scenes with Totoro! lol. There was also one instance towards the end of the movie that left me a little anxious for the characters but otherwise this movie is just charming and wonderful and definitely a movie to pick you up or enjoy with the family 🙂 There’s nothing else I can really say about it!

By the way, to those who watched this movie: do you find that the main theme song remains stuck in your head for days on end? lol 😛 This is my favourite track from this movie though:

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  1. I love this movie! I’ve probably seen it 20 times by now, with no end in sight as the kids are big Miyazaki fans. Your favorite scene is also mine – I love the way he evokes Japan by showing the small details around the bus stop.

    • Nice! I love how Miyazaki is able to seamlessly weave in Japanese culture, large thematic pieces and fantastical wonder all into one movie. Beautiful stuff <3

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