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The Summer of France
By: Paulita Kincer
Format/Source: Paperback courtesy of the author as part of the The Summer of France Book Tour
My review of the novel

When Fia Jennings loses her job at the local newspaper, she dreams of bonding with her teenage twins. As she realizes she may be too late to pull her family closer, her husband Grayson pressures her to find another job to pay the increasing bills. Relief comes with a phone call from Fia’s great Uncle Martin who runs a bed and breakfast in Provence. Uncle Martin wants Fia to venture to France to run the B&B so he and his wife Lucie can travel. He doesn’t tell Fia about the secret he hid in the house after fighting in World War II, and he doesn’t mention the people who are tapping his phone and following him, hoping to find the secret.

After much cajoling, Fia whisks her family to France and is stunned when Uncle Martin and Aunt Lucie leave the same day for a Greek cruise. She’s thrown into the minutiae of a running the B&B without the benefit of speaking the language. Her dreams of family bonding time fade as her teenagers make French friends. Fia’s husband Grayson begins touring the countryside with a sophisticated French woman, and Fia resists the distractions of Christophe, a fetching French man. Why the whirlwind of French welcome, Fia wonders after she comes home from a day at the beach in Nice to find someone has ransacked the B&B.

Fia analyzes Uncle Martin’s obscure phone calls, trying to figure out this WW II hero’s secret. Can she uncover the secret and relieve Uncle Martin’s guilt while building the family she’s always dreamed of?

(No violence. No graphic sex, some sexual situations.)

Thank you to everyone who entered The Summer of France giveaway contest courtesy of the author and France Book Tours. As I mentioned either on my review post or on one of my monthly updates, this was the first time I hosted a giveaway contest here on my blog so I hope you had just as much fun as I did =)

Anyways, so we have a winner for the contest. A big congratulations to Rhonda; I hope you enjoy the novel!

Again, thank you to everyone who entered! Keep an eye out for next week as will be participating in another book blog tour for Deanna Raybourn’s A Spear of Summer Grass. Aside from posting up a review, I will also be hosting a giveaway contest where you can win a (signed!) paperback copy of the novel! See you then =)

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