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  1. As always, I read a ton of books this month including Janet Fitch’s White Oleander and Alexandre Dumas’ La Dame aux Camelias. You can find the reviews for these books in the book review tag.
  2. I continue to review ARCs of novels that came out recently, including Edward Rutherfurd’s Paris (review) and Jennifer Close’s The Smart One (review). You can read all of the reviews of the ARCs I’ve read in this tag.
  3. Since I’m following a number of literary prizes this year, I decided to compile them all into one post. Well, the ones I’m following anyways =P
  4. Okay, I wasn’t planning on joining a reading challenge this year but I just had to sign up for the Books on France Reading Challenge. I seem to be reading a lot of books set in France or written by a French author and this reading challenge is a lot of fun. You could see what books I’ve decided to read for this challenge in this post
  5. I’ve also started posting about comic books! You can see what I’ve posted up so far by checking out my Comics category. Yay!
  6. No new movie reviews this month but I did start watching Orphan Black, the awesome and thrilling new science fiction show from BBC (and filmed here in Toronto! Canada representing =)). If you haven’t been watching this show…well, why aren’t you watching this show?! It’s crazy awesome. Anyways, I posted up my thoughts from the first three episodes over here
  7. Finally, two of my articles were recently published in this month’s issues of The Catholic Register. Click on the links to find out more about them:

And of course, the following are interesting links that I’ve come across over the past month:

Entertainment & Arts


Book-Related News


And that’s it for my monthly update! Hope you enjoy some of these links too, have a great week =)

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2 Responses to “Website: April Updates + Links”

  1. I’m flattered to get a link!

    Game of Thrones… I’m torn this season, because it feels like they are adding too many characters, so there’s new ones to follow in addition to all the ones I didn’t care about from the earlier seasons, which leaves me sulking every week if I don’t get to see much of Margaery Tyrell. She’s awesome. She is playing EVERYONE.

    • 😀

      Yeah, I remember this was a concern that book fans had about the adaptation because the books, especially by the third book, had a bajillion characters. It’s hard to get to know/become sympathetic to all of them on top of the characters you already care for and keeping in mind the hour-mark for each episode =S

      Happy to hear that Margaery’s been awesome this season! I’m curious to check out the Elementary season finale (even though I haven’t tuned in to the show) because of Natalie Dormer and her flawlessness 😀

      The only storyline I’ve been following closely for GoT this season is Jaime & Brienne because it’s been adapted fairly closely to the book and the actors are all <3 and brilliant in their scenes together xD

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