Comics: My foray into the world of comic books

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What’s this? A new category/blog feature? You bet! =D I’ve been meaning to get around to posting this for some time now (my brother was encouraging me to do this) but I’ve been so busy with deadlines and exams these past few weeks that I was never able to properly sit down and do this.

So! As some of you may know, I’ve recently gotten into comic books (probably a good 6-7 months now). It started when my mum picked up The Avengers (review) DVD-blu ray combo back in September. Wal-Mart’s combo not only included the movie but also a comic featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk (which you can’t find anywhere else! I tried adding it on GoodReads to no avail). It was hilarious and I greatly enjoyed reading it, which made me curious about comic books in general. So from there I started delving into the world of comics, to learn more about the mythos of these characters and the adventures they’ve had.

Thor quickly became a favourite superhero of mine. I enjoyed the movie (review) but there’s something about Thor that greatly appeals to me; I reckon it’s the epic scale of his stories and how they’re steeped in Norse mythology (Thor: Ages of Thunder is an amazing example of this). He can be hot-tempered and brash and arrogant at times but he’s also a very good fighter and ultimately he is noble and prepared to do whatever it takes to protect the people around him.

My entry into the Thor storyline is through J. Michael Straczynski’s 3-issue run on his story. I decided to start there because I’ve always enjoyed Straczynski’s storytelling (from Babylon 5) and seeing as there had been some major changes in the previous issues leading up to Straczynski’s run, it was a good place to start. This 3-issue remains my favourite precisely because it sort of re-introduces Thor and his world for newcomers but it’s also in continuity with the previous issues. It’s epic but there’s also plenty of humour and character development.

Thor’s one character I’ve definitely followed (and is definitely my favourite) but I’ve also picked up trades featuring Captain America, the big three (Thor, Captain America and Iron Man), Black Widow and the Avengers. Oh, and I recently picked up the first trade volume of Hawkeye, which I will review shortly. I’ve very much stuck with Marvel because I’ve enjoyed reading about these characters but I’ve also read from DC and Image as well but more on them some other time ^_~

So anyways, that’s my introductory post about comics. Could’ve used more images…I’ll try to do better on that next time =P In my next post, I’ll talk about what’s in my pull list atm ^_~

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  1. I usually like comic books, but my main problem is that there are not women to whom I can relate. There are some graphic novels that have more complex female characters and those I love, such as Tamara Drewe.

    However, I loved Batman and the Dark Knight movies!

    • That’s true; there’s certainly a lot of kick-ass female superheroes that I enjoy reading about but I don’t necessarily relate to them. I’m also a little surprised that in the case of Marvel, they don’t have very many sole female superheroes with their own titles, which is strange because they have plenty of awesome female superheroes.

      I enjoyed the second Nolan movie but I haven’t gotten around to the third one. One of these days, lol

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