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Posted 14 March, 2013 by Lianne in Lists / 7 Comments

By now the entire internet has heard that Google Reader will be closing on 30 June 2013. Which absolutely sucks because I finally got around to using it to keep track of all of my friends and fellow bloggers’ entries! *facepalmsmack*

So! Like many, I’ve been wandering around a bit for some alternatives that’s easy to use and aesthetically pleasing (yes, this is important to me, I don’t like cluttered-looking feeds xP). This is what I ended up checking out:


I found out about this site through a friend on Twitter and decided to check it out (This is me over there if you want to follow me). I like the layout, it’s very simple but organised and kind of reminiscent of Google Reader in a way. I’m still learning how a few of the features works but I suspect that I will be using this site the most (unless something changes or whatnot; see this entry from the creators).

The only drawback at the moment is that the server’s working rather slow, probably because of the migration over, but thankfully there aren’t as many blogs on my subscriptions feed on Google Reader so I was able to do it manually.


Another website that’s been recommended in place of Google Reader and one that’s gotten quite popular in the past 24 hours. Aesthetically it’s quite wonderful, giving you the choice of themes and a selection of layouts to present the latest blog entries from magazine layout to a full coverage of the entries. There’s also no server issues of lagging time. I haven’t used it as much yet but for the most part it’s just as easy to use as the Old Reader.

The only drawback I have about this website at the moment is that I can’t seem to delete the categories. It says you can delete certain items through a drag-and-drop system but I can’t find the option to delete it anywhere. If you’re using Feedly, do you know how to do it?

There are also other alternatives out there (including app-only readers but I did not include those in the list), although I haven’t used any of the following:

So what RSS reader have you migrated to or have checked out? What are the pros and cons about that program for you? Would you recommend one that I did not list here in my blog?

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7 Responses to “List: Alternatives to Google Reader”

  1. Some people use BlogLovin’, though it really isn’t a “reader” so much as it is simply another place blogs can be synced and readers simply hit the post link to “continue reading” the blog. Basically it’s just an online venue to promote one’s blog.

    Honestly, this doesn’t bother me since I haven’t made use of Google Reader. Seems like it could be really nice and an easy way to sort out which blogs you want to actively read. For whatever reason, I just page through my dashboard to find who has some posts.

    Hope you find a good alternative, Lianne!

    Google is getting mean. First GFC had changes. Now this. :/

    • Yeah, I heard BlogLovin’ mentioned which confused me because I always approached it as another blog network site like NetworkedBlogs or HelloCotton. But I could see where they’re coming from with suggesting it.

      Thanks! Google is weirding me out with all of these changes…they used to be so easy and nice back then, lol

    • I should log into Feedly more often, try to get used to it or something (been logging into Old Reader a lot more so far); I like that the program’s embedded into the browser for easy access 🙂

  2. I’m trying feedly, but really I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t get rid of it. I mean, GET RID OF GOOGLE+.

    Sorry. I have a lot of feelings.

    • lol, no worries, it’s such a pain that they’re getting rid of such a handy program (as much as Google+ never clicked (am never on mine), I quite like their gallery layout). Maybe they’ll change their minds after the uproar?

  3. Hey we’re in the middle of building something new that scratches this itch. Whereas prior readers all sort of move in the same direction as Google Reader, we are trying to mix in just a little bit of a social element to it in a soft but fun way.
    We are very very very new and an unfundeded team of two. I’d love to personally show you and/or any of your readers around if you wanted a tour and explanation sometime?

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