Article: Discourse Magazine [Issue 14, March 2013]

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The March issue of Discourse Magazine is out! There’s some great news items examined in this issue including the on-going tensions with North Korea, credit rating agencies and Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. For this issue I focused on the Italian elections that were held at the end of last month in a piece entitled “An Inconclusive Result for Italy”.

What can I say about these elections that I haven’t mentioned in the article? Well, it’s certainly been an odd journey, starting with Silvio Berlusconi’s re-emergence into the race back in December:

But on a serious note, it was marred with uncertainty as the days drew closer to the election. Although Bersani’s left-centre party led a comfortable lead, there was Beppo Grillo’s M5S and Berlusconi’s party platform to contend with, all amidst spiralling economic problems and public disenchantment with the political class. Naturally the outcome of the elections reflected the public’s uncertainty with the options before them (however concerning the outcome is). The fallout is still felt in the news; we will see whether the parties can overcome their differences and try to construct something of a functioning government.

You can check out the latest issue over at the magazine’s website–and be sure to subscribe so that you can receive the issues directly to your inbox!

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