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Posted 8 March, 2013 by Lianne in Entertainment / 6 Comments

Whoo, it seems that a lot of interesting movies are coming out with trailers lately =) Most of these are new but there’s about two in the mix that’s a little older/that I was sort of aware of:


I never studied this particular play at school or gotten around to reading it on my own yet but I’ve heard many people say that they love it. I’m surprised that Joss Whedon is behind this, it’s quite a departure from his notable genres–which is cool! It’s always exciting to see a notable director or creator try a different genre or story. Lots of alumni from his various tv shows, should be an interesting watch.


I don’t think I’ve shared this trailer here yet…this movie caught my attention during, I believe, TIFF last year. The little girl in this movie is so cute and the movie looks like quite a departure for Alexander Skarsgård (and Julianne Moore is always ace). I only found out watching this version of the trailer that the story is based off a Henry James novel; while I go and check that out, I’ll be keeping my eye out for this movie, it looks fantastic.


Okay, this movie and its featured case looks depressing and disturbing. However it caught my attention because a) Jane Campion (The Piano, Bright Star (review)) is the director, b) I spy David Wenham! and c) I’m curious to hear Elizabeth Moss with a Kiwi accent (the trailer tells me nothing). Perhaps I will catch this movie one of these days for rent.


Big thanks to Maria Celina for pointing this out to me! =D I read the book two years ago and absolutely enjoyed it. I always wondered how they were going to adapt this to the big screen but it looks good! Will keep an eye out for this.


I know, I already posted a trailer for this movie but the new trailer!!! So much more information and the story!!! So much more awesomeness!!!


James McAvoy, Mark Strong, Andrea Riseborough, David Morrissey…I’m honestly not sure if I’ve gotten the whole gist of what the story’s about but it looks cool and the actors are pretty solid so yeah =P


This movie looks cute. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a French movie so I’ll be on the look out for this one xD Also, this movie is an adaptation of the 1947 book Froth on the Daydream by Boris Vian.

And that’s it from me and whatever trailers caught my attention this time around. Happy weekend! 🙂


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  1. YES, Joss Whedon “Much Ado”! It’s my favorite Shakespeare play, and I agree with Elena about the Kenneth Branagh adaptation being amazing! Definitely looking forward to seeing Whedon’s take on it…can’t wait!!!

    • Definitely need to check out that adaptation; I had seen the trailer and heard of it but yeah, never got around to it. Maybe I should read the play first lol…

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