Article: Discourse Magazine [Issue 12, 31 December 2012]

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The final issue of Discourse Magazine for 2012 is out and ready for download! This issue looks back at the year in the news, both on the Canadian front and internationally. I covered the top stories from the European continent, ranging from the referendum in Catalonia to reforms in Italy to all of the national (heads of state) elections. You can find my portfolio, entitled “Europe in 2012” on pp. 13 – 15 of the latest issue (pp. 7 – 9 I think if you’re following the Adobe Reader page count).

You can check out the latest issue over at the magazine’s website–and be sure to subscribe so that you can receive the issues directly to your inbox! It’s been a great year writing for Discourse Magazine, the team is fantastic and I’ve had a lot of fun (and learned a lot!) writing for this publication. I hope you guys enjoyed reading these articles too. I look forward to continuing to write for them in the new year.

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