Writing: NaNoWriMo [Day 14]

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I’m doing okay, a lot slower than last year, but I’m there (well, I think I’m behind today but I am writing in my notebook here and there so who knows what my word count is at the moment). It’s not exactly meshing together just yet because I’m bouncing around in the novel; as I mentioned last time, I’m writing the scenes that come to me first–dialogue-wise, scene-wise–and then linking them up afterwards. Perhaps not the best approach I’ve done but it makes up for the fact that I don’t have a clear, linear A to B to C story structure so much.

Anyways, this is a bit of a fun post because it’s not so much about my writing progress as it’s a music post ^_~ Okay, so I’m also procrastinating a bit (and working on two articles at the moment) but I’ve done this a few years ago for a Script Frenzy script that I did where I put together a soundtrack for it =) I haven’t quite gelled a solid soundtrack that reflects this story project but here’s a few songs I’d feature ^_~ (more hints as to what I’m writing about, eh?)

Professor Green’s “Read All About It” (feat. Dolcenera) — I actually heard this song through Dolcenera’s “Evoluzione della specie 2” album and there’s something about Professor Green’s pent-up anger (reminiscent of Eminem, yeah?) that reflects the anger that’s simmering at the surface of this story and behind my protagonist’s facade.

Abandoned Pools’ “Blood” — Family plays a major role in my story. My protagonist has some unresolved family issues that come to the fore throughout the story, causing a lot of stress.

Snow Patrol’s “New York” — This song reflects the relationship between my protagonist and her love interest at the beginning on the story. Suffice to say they’re not in the best place at the beginning of the novel (another source of stress for my main character).

Hildur Gudnadottir’s “Ascent” — Firstly, I love this piece. Secondly, I sort of imagine this project to be like some kind of operatic tragedy with all of these different stressors affecting the protagonist in different ways, pushing her to the breaking point. Couple that with a confusing and dead-end case that she’s been brought back to solve, yeah, it can be pretty bleak for the character.

And that’s just some of the songs on my soundtrack for this track! What songs would you feature in a soundtrack about your NaNo project? =)

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    • Thanks for the encouragement Rissi! I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend but I’d like to think that I’m turning a corner and the story is starting to slowly draw together 🙂

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