Article: Discourse Magazine [Issue 9, 06 November 2012]

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The latest issue of Discourse Magazine is out and ready to be read, just in time for the US elections today. While most of this issue is devoted to the US elections and the various angles and perspectives on it, yours truly focused on something entirely different: Italian politics. Entitled “Silvio Berlusconi Remains Defiant” (pp. 25 – 26 in the issue), I look at the results of Berlusconi’s trial for tax fraud, his reaction and its implications on the Italian political scene. While Italian politics can be somewhat…dramatic…at times, this is not the time for Berlusconi to step up once more into the political scene. With their economy on the verge of slipping into a full-blown recession, the country needs change, both in the way it manages its economy and in its political echelons. I didn’t mention this in the article but I suspect that Berlusconi’s outburst the previous weekend was likely a ploy about his sentencing. That or he’s just reacting for the sake of it. Or both.

Anyways, be sure to check out the latest issue, it’s filled with great topics!!!

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