Article: Discourse Magazine [Issue 8, 24 October 2012]

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The latest issue of Discourse Magazine is out and ready to be read! My article for this week is “Greece is Still Between a Rock and a Hard Place”, pp. 18 – 19 (or pp. 20 – 21 if you’re following the Adobe Reader count). I’ve been writing for Discourse for a few months now but it’s interesting that I haven’t quite gotten around to Greece yet. It’s sad to read that a few years into their current crisis things have been just as bad (if not worse) than it was when it first began. Anyways, my article looks at Angela Merkel’s recent visit to the country and the current state of the country amidst the crisis.

(On a side note, Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty stepping down was definitely a surprise, hence its feature on the cover ^_~)

You can download it on the website, where you can also subscribe to get it immediately in your inbox whenever the latest issue is released. You can also follow the magazine on Twitter and on Facebook. Enjoy!

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