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I can’t believe it’s October! Where did September go? Well, with a new month comes the latest issue of Femnista! The theme of this issue is Inspired by True Stories.

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The article I wrote for this issue was George VI from Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech (2010). I adored the movie last year (review) and I learned a lot about the monarch and his personal obstacles. It led me to reading Sarah Bradford’s biography which really gave a detailed account of George’s life and career as the empire’s king; it’s a must-read for anyone interested in his life and persona (as an aside, I’d also recommend Mark Logue’s The King’s Speech that focuses on Lionel Logue and George VI’s friendship as portrayed through correspondence, journals, etc.). Anyways, George VI is a very inspirational figure, the man who did not expect nor wanted to be king but nonetheless overcame his physical ailments and doubts to lead the empire through a war, internal crises and other major events.

Plus, you know, the movie was lovely =)

Anyways it’s an awesome issue, be sure to check it out! =)

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    • Li

      I love the cover too, it’s such a sweet photo of them =)

      Why did it totally slip my mind that the movie was based from a book? I admit, I haven’t seen the movie *blushes* but I heard the performances were amazing!

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