Writing: ScriptFrenzy – Day 1

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So here we are, day 01 of Script Frenzy. I think I mentioned it some time ago that I was thinking of participating in this year’s event despite not being sure as to what I was planning on writing on. Well, I decided to take the plunge and see what turns up (it also ensures that I’m writing something at the very least, especially considered some recent health woes that has turned up in the past week).

So the script that I’m currently working on is based off a one-shot short story fragment that I wrote out some time ago. It’s a science fiction that I’m branching out to a television pilot (possibly for a miniseries because I can’t imagine this to become a long-running television show; a movie would be too short, I think) with two to three storylines that would eventually intersect at some future (not necessarily within this plot). But essentially you have

a) a female character (former military captain) out for revenge after her crew mutineed and marooned her on a desolate planet during the Rebellion,
b) a male military officer investigating a series of unusual deaths within the system and
c) a somewhat idealistic politician recently elected into office only to find out that there’s something brewing at the top

I don’t know if it’d work better in this medium but at least all of the dialogue would be down. Despite being a bit rusty with the script terminology, it’s certainly moves a lot quicker than prose (for me at least; I have a knack for coming up with dialogue a lot faster–hence the need to write it down even faster before I forget!). Anyways, we’ll see how this all works out…I hope I can make it to 100 pages with the story I’m running! xD Ooh, and later on I just might also tell you who I have in mind to play the characters…^_~

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