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Posted 30 March, 2012 by Lianne in Website / 6 Comments

(Forgot where this was posted at but the special on Game of Thrones was ace)

01. Biggest (and latest) update here on new layout! Much as I liked the old layout, it was starting to look a little too cluttered for my tastes so I thought a change was in order. This new layout is a lot simpler, a lot cleaner and a little easier to re-organise around and stuff. Plus there’s no pesky issue with the comments section anymore (in the threads before, I couldn’t find the css that dealt with the background for my comments…very annoying). Not to mention I miss having a header at the top of my blog (the photo used is one of my own, taken in Verona, Italia in 2010). There are a few things I likely have to tweak here and there but I’ll deal with them as they crop up. As an aside, I’m learning how to use the Thematic theme for my other site (work on that other layout is slow at the moment, I should note–I will hopefully start working on it a lot more in the coming weeks) so until then I’ll be sticking to this layout.

02. Posted a lot of book reviews including a re-read commentary of GRRM’s A Clash of Kings. Speaking of all things GoT-related, I finally finished my commentary post about the Baratheon brothers, whose dynamic is super interesting.

03. I also posted a number of movie reviews recently: The Immortals, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

04. On a related note, I finally finished watching series 1 of Downton Abbey! Expect a review from me…soonish =P

05. The latest issue of Femnista is out! The theme of the issue is the Edwardian period; my contributing piece was on A Room with a View and you could read my brief comments about the novel in this post.

And that’s about it from me (for now)! What do you guys think of the layout? Any problems that I should be aware of? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend =)

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6 Responses to “Website: New Layout, Updates, etc.”

    • Li

      Thanks! Yeah, my old layout had way too many links going on (perhaps went a bit link-happy that time, lol), needed to roll back a little there xD

  1. Love the new layout! Much easier to read!

    I’m about to start reading Game of Thrones, so as I work through it, maybe I’ll have more to talk to you about! =)


    • Li

      Thank you! =D

      Hope you enjoy the novel, it’s pretty rich in character background and Westerosi culture/history. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it =)

      Oh Downton, makes me want to watch all the stuff related to this period xD (though I do miss the cravats from the 19c, lol)

  2. Dee

    The subtle coloring of comments and the side bar is pretty!
    Really do feel that wordpress has much cleaner, professional looking blogs than blogger! and the comment box is more to my taste.

    • Li

      I think that’s why I’ve stuck to WordPress for so long compared to other blog programs out there (I’m thinking mainly this and b2), there’s a lot you can do with WordPress =)

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