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So it’s the end of March and the latest issue of Femnista is out! The theme of this issue is the Edwardian Era, which many of you would recognise from books written by E.M. Forster and Rudyard Kipling to visual dramas such as the movie Somewhere in Time and the recent television hit Downton Abbey. It’s a lovely issue filled with fantastic articles so be sure to check it out! =)

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For this issue, I chose to write on the novel A Room With a View (review), written by E.M. Forster. It’s a short classic that’s jam-packed with so much depth and insight about what it’s like to grow up in a period that in many ways straddles elements from the Victorian Era (thus feeding into the Edwardian Era) as well as the rapid modernisation that was happening. Having read it a number of times now, it never occurred to me how much I could relate to Lucy–sometimes her outbursts of frustration and snobbishness just hid away the personal frustrations that she was struggling with. It’s a quiet but an interesting journey to watch her embark on, especially as she was working with the rigid confines of her society of the time. Anyways, it was great to revisit the novel both plot-wise and location-wise (ahh, Firenze <333).

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8 Responses to “Article: Femnista [Mar/Apr 2012]”

  1. This is fantastic!! i had never heard of this magazine and it’s totally mu cup of tea. I want to write for them so badly. Donwloading it right now 🙂 Big thank you!

    P.S Seriously, if you’re into women’s studies or a feminist point of view, you got to read Atwood. It’s compulsory!!

      • I don’t know if I could label my analysis as “Christian”. Although I was brought up in a Catholic country, I do not address art and literature from that perspective. Would you accept me anyways? Obivously, I have a Christian background, but I would not label myself or my writing as “Christian”. Please check my blog if you want before deciding. And thanks for the opportunity!!

        • We accept anything provided it is appropriate for all ages and isn’t anti-religious. Many of our current and former contributors are not Christians either. It doesn’t matter so long as no bashing is involved.

    • Li

      You’re welcome for the link! Looking forward to your articles on the magazine =D

      Btw, I finally got a copy of two of Atwood’s works (The Handmaid’s Tale and The Penelopiad). Am just getting through a bit of my to-read list before I get around to reading them =)

      • That’s awesome! I haven’t read them but I’m pretty sure you’ll like her. My favourite is Alias Grace! Her novels are usually really long but completely worthy and a little bit addictive, I must confess 🙂

        Thanks for all the magazine-support. I’m already looking for female characters in sci-fi works. Yay!

  2. No bashing involved on my part 🙂 I can use religious comparisons (i.e. modern representations of Eve and Lilith in literature) but always respectfully.

    Thanks for this great opportunity!

    • Whenever you’re ready to contribute, e-mail me at the address on the back of the publication and make a request. If no one else has chosen your topic, you’ll be accepted. =)

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