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Website: New Layout, Updates, etc.

Posted 30 March, 2012 by Lianne in Website / 6 Comments

(Forgot where this was posted at but the special on Game of Thrones was ace)

01. Biggest (and latest) update here on new layout! Much as I liked the old layout, it was starting to look a little too cluttered for my tastes so I thought a change was in order. This new layout is a lot simpler, a lot cleaner and a little easier to re-organise around and stuff. Plus there’s no pesky issue with the comments section anymore (in the threads before, I couldn’t find the css that dealt with the background for my comments…very annoying). Not to mention I miss having a header at the top of my blog (the photo used is one of my own, taken in Verona, Italia in 2010). There are a few things I likely have to tweak here and there but I’ll deal with them as they crop up. As an aside, I’m learning how to use the Thematic theme for my other site (work on that other layout is slow at the moment, I should note–I will hopefully start working on it a lot more in the coming weeks) so until then I’ll be sticking to this layout.

02. Posted a lot of book reviews including a re-read commentary of GRRM’s A Clash of Kings. Speaking of all things GoT-related, I finally finished my commentary post about the Baratheon brothers, whose dynamic is super interesting.

03. I also posted a number of movie reviews recently: The Immortals, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

04. On a related note, I finally finished watching series 1 of Downton Abbey! Expect a review from me…soonish =P

05. The latest issue of Femnista is out! The theme of the issue is the Edwardian period; my contributing piece was on A Room with a View and you could read my brief comments about the novel in this post.

And that’s about it from me (for now)! What do you guys think of the layout? Any problems that I should be aware of? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend =)

Article: Femnista [Mar/Apr 2012]

Posted 30 March, 2012 by Lianne in Writing / 8 Comments

So it’s the end of March and the latest issue of Femnista is out! The theme of this issue is the Edwardian Era, which many of you would recognise from books written by E.M. Forster and Rudyard Kipling to visual dramas such as the movie Somewhere in Time and the recent television hit Downton Abbey. It’s a lovely issue filled with fantastic articles so be sure to check it out! =)

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For this issue, I chose to write on the novel A Room With a View (review), written by E.M. Forster. It’s a short classic that’s jam-packed with so much depth and insight about what it’s like to grow up in a period that in many ways straddles elements from the Victorian Era (thus feeding into the Edwardian Era) as well as the rapid modernisation that was happening. Having read it a number of times now, it never occurred to me how much I could relate to Lucy–sometimes her outbursts of frustration and snobbishness just hid away the personal frustrations that she was struggling with. It’s a quiet but an interesting journey to watch her embark on, especially as she was working with the rigid confines of her society of the time. Anyways, it was great to revisit the novel both plot-wise and location-wise (ahh, Firenze <333).

Movie: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

Posted 27 March, 2012 by Lianne in Entertainment / 2 Comments

(Using the tie-in book cover because I couldn’t find a decent movie poster without putting (yet another) computer into harm’s way *long story*)

In the bleak days of the Cold War, espionage veteran George Smiley is forced from semi-retirement to uncover a Soviet agent within MI6.

I’ve been wanting to watch this movie since I saw the trailer: it had a lot of well-known and brilliant actors from the UK (Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Ciaran Hinds, John Hurt, Mark Strong, Toby Jones, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy…even Downton Abbey‘s Laura Carmichael had a brief cameo in the film) and the book is a classic. Granted, I think I missed a lot of the detail when I first read the book (definitely need to re-read it) so I was curious to see how it was adapted. Contains spoilers ahead!

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Movie: Percy Jackson & the Olympians — The Lightning Thief (2010)

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A teenager discovers he’s the descendant of a Greek god and sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between the gods.

I actually watched this movie some time ago with my family but never got around to writing a review on it. My brother and I read the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series first, which were highly enjoyable; Rick Riordan does a fantastic job of taking Greek mythology and putting a modern spin to it. Having seen the trailer, we were a little hesitant to watch this movie: we could already tell that were some changes made (but then again what adaptation hasn’t tweaked with the source material?), not to mention the book series has a lot going on. But nonetheless we watched the movie with an open mind. Contains spoilers ahead for the movie AND the book!

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Review: A Clash of Kings

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A Clash of Kings
By: George R.R. Martin

A comet the color of blood and flame cuts across the sky. And from the ancient citadel of Dragonstone to the forbidding shores of Winterfell, chaos reigns. Six factions struggle for control of a divided land and the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, preparing to stake their claims through tempest, turmoil, and war. It is a tale in which brother plots against brother and the dead rise to walk in the night. Here a princess masquerades as an orphan boy; a knight of the mind prepares a poison for a treacherous sorceress; and wild men descend from the Mountains of the Moon to ravage the countryside. Against a backdrop of incest and fratricide, alchemy and murder, victory may go to the men and women possessed of the coldest steel…and the coldest hearts. For when kings clash, the whole land trembles.

I was finishing up my commentary post about the Baratheon Brothers a few days ago when I found out that I never wrote a review of A Clash of Kings, the second book in GRRM’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Wracking my brain, I realised that I did not do so because I had read this book (the first time around) during the first year of my Masters program, which was an especially hectic period. So here I am correctly this oversight; with the new season fast approaching, I decided to re-read the book as there are a bunch of details from it that are pretty hazy in my memory.

MAJOR SPOILERS if you haven’t read ANY of the books in the series as I will be making reference to them throughout.

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