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lol, I haven’t posted here in almost five days now which got me a bit antsy so here’s this post! =P Anyways, here’s an update of everything that’s been going on here at since my last update ^_~

(I loved this episode; sadly, I don’t know who made this wonderful gif, I saw it on tumblr, I believe)

      01. I’ve posted a ton of book reviews since my last general update (11! Wow!), which has been fun. In the process I’ve read two more books to go with the I Love Italy Reading Challenge, which is cool. My to-read pile expanded majorly in the past few days–going to try and refrain from book-buying for this Lenten season =P (let’s see if I can do it)

      02. I finally got around to purchasing a new domain for the other website so I’m hoping to start working on that next week depending on when it’s implemented. If I was smart with my time instead of oggling over fandoms and pretty pictures on tumblr I should have already watermarked my photos that are going to uploaded there but alas, did not really think that through (though I had an excuse: earlier this week I wasn’t well). Not to mention I’ve been meaning to upload them to websites like 500px. Nonetheless, I’m excited to get started on that though =)

      03. Speaking of websites, I’ve formally started my role as webmaster for my parish. It’ll take a week or so to get everything set up but I’m also looking forward to putting that project together as there’s a lot that we can do with it. I’ll be sure to post the link up here once everything is set up so that you can see what I’ve been up to! ^_~

      04. The job hunt is sort of preoccupying me both in my things-to-get-done list and mentally (which is very frustrating and another topic altogether) so I’ve been pretty slow in getting started in the other creative projects (i.e. my works-in-progress, compiling photos from my last vacation, etc.). My friend on livejournal recently reminded me that it’s been ages and a day since I’ve made any wallpapers or icons or whatnot (according to my arts site it’s been almost two years–rikes!). We’ll see if I can squeeze in some graphics in the near future ^_~

And that’s about it on what’s been going on at my end! I’ve started Intermediate II in my Italian language classes so that’s also been keeping me pretty busy. Hopefully I’ll be proficient enough to start typing some entries in Italian? lol, maybe, maybe not ^_~ Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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