Random: Updates, Challenges and the End of the Year

Posted 28 December, 2011 by Lianne in Website / 2 Comments

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend! Mine was quiet; it was nice to be home for Christmas this year, lol. Well, another year will be over in a few days and Li’s a-planning ^_~

01. I’ve been pretty busy here on my blog in the past few days, having posted up four book reviews (here, here, here and here), participated in two weekly book memes (here and here) and prepared my books read list and books to read list in preparation for 2012. Err, yes, my to-read list is starting off massive this year *blushes*

02. I filled out The Best of 2011 In Books meme a few weeks ago—feel free to check it out, weigh in, fill it out yourself on your blog and share your thoughts! It’s a lot of fun, really wraps up the year reading-wise =)

03. Depending on my bandwidth, in the next few days I hope to post a compilation of my favourite songs (using YouTube videos) of 2011. I have it posted up in my livejournal, but I’ve never thought of posting it here on my website blog until now xD

04. I mentioned this in a previous post like this, but I’m planning on doing some major re-reading in the coming year. It’ll be a chance for me to write reviews on books I’ve read in the past (but never got around to writing them for whatever reason) and re-visit some books I’ve been meaning to get back to for some time now. I may make a separate post about it in the near future; I’m still in the process of selecting which books I want to re-read in the immediate future.

05. I forgot to mention that I recently set up this website with a mobile layout so if you’re on your iPhone or smartphone, you can check out my blog without having to magnify the page and straining your eyes =D

06. I’ve decided to participate in a reading challenge in the upcoming year (a first for me! Never done one of these before). This one is particularly fun because the theme is everything Italian! =D

I Love Italy Reading Challenge 2012
hosted @ Library of Clean Reads

And that’s it from me for now. Hope you all are having a wonderful week! =D

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    • Li

      Thanks for hosting such a wonderful challenge! Definitely looking forward to reading some books for it in the coming year =) Thanks also for getting back to my question, that’s good to know.

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