Writing: NaNoWriMo — Day 24

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Guess what?


(lmao, Ninth Doctor in this gif <3)

I actually crossed the 50 000 word threshold a few days ago (the 21st, to be precise) but didn’t make much of it because I was missing about three scenes. I more or less included them in now so I officially done with my first draft—whoo hoo! =D

It’s been quite a journey writing this novel out; it’s funny how different it looks as a draft compared to when it was sitting and fermenting in my brain. It’s exposed to me how major the plot holes are that need to be smoothed out over the course of the editing process (which won’t be for a while—need to let it sit there so that I could get a different perspective on it when I go back to start reading it). The most important thing I learned from this entire endeavour is the importance of writing everyday because it really does keep you going and disciplines you into a steady habit of writing everyday (because when I used to work on writing projects, I didn’t write everyday). It sort of helps with the writer’s block, although those were still difficult to get through; it does however keep things in perspective in a sense of “Oh, just get through that scene somehow, there’s always the extensive revision process afterwards”.

So overall, it’s been a fun experience, especially as this was my first time participating! We’ll see where this project goes from here in terms of the revision process but yeah, I guess this is my final blog entry concerning NaNoWriMo 2011 (unless something comes up before December, lol)! Thanks for reading this xD

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