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Ehhh, I’m multitasking a bit at the moment (selecting photos from my latest adventure to post here, re-reading Weber’s Politics as a Vocation for my midterm this week -_-;) so here’s a book meme =D (been a while since I’ve done one of these too xD)

1) What’s the most books you’ve ever read over a holiday?
I’m going to go with Christmas holiday since summer holidays don’t really count anymore at my age, lol. I think I’ve read maybe 12 – 14 books either last Christmas or the Christmas before. It was like the minute classes were out for the Christmas break, I started hitting the leisure reading big time, haha.

2) What’s the best book you’ve ever read on holiday? What made it great?
Ian McEwan’s Atonement a few years ago. Okay, I’m cheating a bit, I actually read the book a bit before the Christmas holidays started but I remember being completely enthralled by the story from the first word.

3) Do you consider reading at the dinner table to be rude and exclusive, or a nice way to dip in and out of the conversation?
I consider it rude (unless you’re studying for an exam and you need to review—my brother and I have done it a few times *blushes*); I only read at the dinner table if I’m the only one eating dinner.

4) Do you prefer music on when you read, or other background noise, or a profound silence?
I usually have some music going on in the background, but on really low.

5) Do you have a book-related pet peeve?
Not that I can think of, lol

6) What do you do with books you’ve purchased/were given but didn’t enjoy?
What I’ve been doing now is actually selling them at BMV (a second-hand bookstore) back home. I don’t get a lot of money back but at least it’s something and I’ve managed to free up some space at home (for more books, LOL)

7) Name three authors that have influenced or changed your reading selections
Jane Austen — her books led me to reading more 19th century classic literature =)
Ian McEwan — his books led me to searching for more books with a similar writing style and gutting plot reveals
Carlos Ruiz Zafon — his books led me to searching for books with a similar atmosphere (it’s hard to describe but when I read The Shadow of the Wind, I felt like I was transported there), books that are set in Spain and an interest in Spanish history

8) If you could combine the talents of three authors – one each for plotting, character strength and writing style – who would you pick?
Plotting: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Character Strength: Brandon Sanderson
Writing style: Ian McEwan

9) All your books disappear mysteriously overnight, but insurance pays up for them – with which authors/particular books do you begin replacing them? Are there any that you would like to exempt from this hypothetical example as the copy itself is too precious to lose?
Jane Austen, JRR Tolkien and Carlos Ruiz Zafon all come to mind as authors I would begin replacing. The only book I could think of that would be too precious to lose is my leather-bound copy of Shakespeare’s Completed Works because my copy was published in 1923 (so yeah, it’s old and practically an antique in itself).

10) Is there an author whose book recommendations, even short blurb-acclaim on the cover, will persuade you to read it?
Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Steve Berry and Ian McEwan all come to mind (Patrick Rothfuss in particular because his blurb to Sanderson’s The Way of Kings cracks me up) =)


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