Meme: Booking Through Thursday

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Which do you prefer? (Quick answers–we’ll do more detail at some later date)

  • Reading something frivolous? Or something serious?
  • Paperbacks? Or hardcovers?
  • Fiction? Or Nonfiction?
  • Poetry? Or Prose?
  • Biographies? Or Autobiographies?
  • History? Or Historical Fiction?
  • Series? Or Stand-alones?
  • Classics? Or best-sellers?
  • Lurid, fruity prose? Or straight-forward, basic prose?
  • Plots? Or Stream-of-Consciousness?
  • Long books? Or Short?
  • Illustrated? Or Non-illustrated?
  • Borrowed? Or Owned?
  • New? Or Used?

Booking Through Thursday

Ooh, short answers today 🙂

  • Something serious…I own maybe 5 books that aren’t xD
  • Paperbacks usually…unless I really, really, really want a book I’ll get it in hardcover
  • Fiction…I read too much nonfiction for school
  • Prose…unless is Federico Garcia Lorca
  • Biographies…? I don’t know, really, I don’t read them often enough
  • History…but I read/like both 🙂
  • Standalones these days…series can get costly for my pocket 🙁
  • Classics
  • Straight-forward, basic prose
  • Plots
  • Long books
  • Non-illustrated
  • Owned
  • New

Well, that was fun 😀


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  1. Great answers! The name of my blog is “Well-Mannered Frivolity” – can you guess what my answer to number 1 was? It was hard to choose between some of the answers this week though…

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