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I came across this book meme site through Kris so I decided to start doing it too. Instead of doing it on my LJ however, I decided to do the memes here (it’ll give this blog some life while I’m at it, LOL) 🙂

“Name a favorite literary couple and tell me why they are a favorite. If you cannot choose just one, that is okay too. Name as many as you like–sometimes narrowing down a list can be extremely difficult and painful. Or maybe that’s just me.”

Aww, man, too many to list! Let’s see if I can make a wee little list out of all my favourite couples…

  • Anne & Captain Wentworth (Persuasion) — I absolutely love how, despite their years apart, they still care for each other and they still regard each other as “the one”. Plus, Wentworth’s letter was just guh, perfection.
  • Margaret Hale & Mr. Thornton (North and South) — I love how they start off as disliking each other, then Mr. Thornton’s regard for her starts to grow and then finally Margaret realizes that she loves Mr. Thornton. It’s a process and I love how they come from different backgrounds and manage to come to terms with such differences and stuff.
  • Cecilia Tallis & Robbie Turner (Atonement) — This couple absolutely kills me. Every time I read the book it’s just like OMG (I can’t even go into details without spoiling the book).

Do you give books as gifts?
To everyone? Or only to select people?
How do you feel about receiving books as gifts?

Yes, but it depends on who likes to read and stuff (not to mention I’d have to make sure that they don’t have that book yet or anything). As for receiving books, I absolutely love it! That’s like the gift for me, lol.

So yeah, I think I’ll be doing this more often…and hence this blog will be utilized more often, lol.


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  1. I love Booking Through Thursday. There are so many bibliophile bloggers out there that I never imagined existed! lol

    I love all the couples you picked. I wholeheartedly agree with 2 and 3. I only saw the second half of the most recent Persuasion so I can’t really vouch for it, but from what I saw, I can see why you picked them as well.

    I’m glad you like receiving books as gifts 😉

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