Review: The Name of the Wind

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The Name of the Wind
By: Patrick Rothfuss

I picked up this book after hearing many positive reviews from the Terry Brooks forums. This novel is about a character named Kvothe who dictates his life story of how he rose and became a legend to the Chronicler. This first novel follows Kvothe’s early years and how he came to be enrolled to the University and all the adventures and struggles that came with his years there. Rothfuss had also essentially set up what appears to be the greater struggle that will most likely show up in the remaining books in this trilogy (I believe it’s a trilogy, unless it’s stated otherwise). What keeps this novel interesting is that the story goes back and forth between Kvothe’s narrative and the happenings going on in the present time (which, by the end of the novel you realize is shaping up to be something as well). Rothfuss has certainly set an interesting premise for his story, with intriguing and colourful characters with equally interesting traits and backgrounds and trades. You get a sense that these characters really do toil and go through the mundane stuff as well as the more intriguing stuff. The University system is equally intriguing, which I hope will be expanded in the next novel. I can’t remember a fantasy novel that delves this far back to the makings of a legend. Overall, reading this book was very enjoyable and am looking forward to the next novel in this trilogy.

Rating: ★★★★★

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